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In the Roblox world, the term “Decal” can be defined as the texture that is placed on one of the sides of the Part it is parented to. This kind of thing is similar to another API named Texture, that does the same thing as the Decal. The only difference is it duplicates the image as the Part get bigger, instead of making the Decal bigger as the BasePart gets bigger.

How to search for the Content ID of Decal? different with the Sound and Animation objects,the Content ID of the Decal is not the same as the number in the URL. There are two main methods of finding the Content ID of the Decal. The first one is to paste the URL into the Texture property in the Roblox Studio. Then, Roblox will automatically update the property to the correct Content ID. Please take a note that this one will only work in the Roblox Studio and cannot be done from Scripts or whilst the game is running. The second one is to insert the Decal into the game. This one is generally done through the Toolbox under the thing saying “May Decals”. Please remember that the Content ID can be found in the Decal that is inserted. Another thing to take a note is that InsertService: LoadAsset can also be used if the developers want to automate this method.

This paragraph consists of another explanation of how to find out the ID of the Decal. Apparently, the ID of the Decal is part of the Decal’s link and you will be able to easily notice it as it is separated by two slashes and does not contain any letters. However, you will need to subtract 1 from the ID that you want to use the Decal in the Roblox Studio. For instance, if you are not sure about a certain Decal ID like 43393475, please notice that it ends with a 5 instead of 6.

For some people, browsing the web in search of the Roblox Decal can be exhausting. As the help for you, here are the best Roblox Decal IDs or codes. Some of them are 80373024, 1699515, 24774766, 1081287, 1803741, 516095478, 54335881, 54336924, 54353046, 50652408, 50738529, 51394124, 63623674, 788299462, 29953282, 49903572, 65232006, 71996424, 27645695, 49239225, 64163109, 36850179, 43143706, 36937552, 31365091, 34376288, 22203657, 32012199, 22382576, 23155948, 23634480, 30520502, 23376594, 32012199, 22382576, 96007757, 35479256, 4879413, 59241726, 30520865, 86098767, 29595946, 80821715, 68563793, 86098955, 66332512, 43315559, 27819139, 77593902, 2276069, 100440289, 123342343, and so on.

If you are looking for the IDs of Roblox bypassed Decals, some of them are Hitler Call Me Maybe (404762253), Swears a Lot (822039357), I’m Gay (650270975), Hell No (288945955), $uicideboy$ Dead Batteries (530424179), FettyWap Trap Queen (285242937), Tupac My Block (668533279), Noah North Goat (470500368), Unnamed (623089013), Eminem Not Afraid (336303400), Lil Peep Witchblades (714131056), Pink guy Goofy’s Trial (655084274), Be Like Jev (646857865), Little Bitch Got Me Fucked Up (876240240), Xxxtentacion Wing Ridden Angel (546489358), Young Thug Stoner (847060460), Denzel Curry Mystical Virus (281938638), Xxxtentacion Withdemdicks (823894071), and many more.

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