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Super Evolution on Roblox is such a fun game that can be your pick when you have free time. As a new game, the information about it is limited. One of the things that make people wondering is the way to transform. So, how to transform in Roblox Super Evolution?

Method to transform in Roblox Super Evolution  

Transforming in the Roblox game called Super Evolution is actually easy. In order to do so, the first thing that you will need to do is to click one of the menus on the side of the screen called Moves. This one is there along with some other ones such as Stats, Evolve, Quests, Codes, and Map. By clicking it, you will be able to see something popping up.

The popup screen is divided into two: Transformations and Ultimate Moves. As it is about how to transform, please focus on the one above, Transformations. There are a lot of forms included in the Transformations. Here is the list of some of the forms that are included:

  • Kaioken
  • Kaioken 20x
  • Kaioken 100x
  • Flase Super Saiyan
  • Flase Super Saiyan II
  • Super Saiyan
  • Super Saiyan II
  • Mystic
  • Super Saiyan III
  • Legendary Super Saiyan
  • Legendary Super Saiyan II
  • Masterd Legendary Super Saiyan
  • Super Saiyan God

If you want to transform into something, you can just choose from one of the forms. For instance, you are currently Super Saiyan and you want to change into Legendary Super Saiyan. To make it possible, firstly, click the Moves, pick Legendary Super Saiyan among the list, and you will be able to turn into Legendary Super Saiyan instantly within just a second. It is as easy as that.

If you think that the explanation is not that clear and you are still confused about how to transform in Roblox Super Evolution, watching a video tutorial might be a good idea. In Youtube, there are several tutorial videos that explain the way to transform in Roblox Super Evolution. To be able to find these, first of all, go to Youtube. When you are there, you can take the advantage of the search bar to find these. You can just enter the keyword such as “Super Evolution forms” and the results will be shown after pressing Enter. Some of the Youtube channels that you can visit are Cooling With willie and YLC GD. By watching the guide video, you should be able to transform in Roblox Super Evolution easily. In case you have any questions about how to transform in Roblox Super Evolution, feel free to leave a comment on the comment section under the video. However, there is no guarantee for the owner of the video to reply to you so you can at least pray for the other viewers to be kind enough to give you a reply.

In addition, a Youtube user named Mr. Gamer says that you can instantly transform by putting the game of the form in the chat in Super Evolution. It is unknown if it is true or not.

About Roblox Super Evolution

Super Evolution refers to the game on Roblox that was created by InnoVision on January 28, 2021. It is still considered new. This one also has the same developer, which is InnoVision. Since the first time its release, it has gained more than 4.1M visits and about 55,457 favorites. The max player is 15.

If you see the images about Super Evolution, you will be able to tell that this game is based on the popular anime and manga known as Dragon Ball. In the game, you will be able to train a few things, including the strength, energy, agility, and endurance so that you will be able to be the most powerful Saiyan in the world.

For those who have not tried Roblox Super Evolution and are planning to play it, you are encouraged to know some basic knowledge about the game. One of the important things that you should know is the controls.  Below are the details:

  • Charge Ki (PC: Hold ‘X’; console: Hold ‘X’ button; device: Hold Charge button)
  • Run/Ki Boost (PC: Press CTRL; console: Press L3; device: Hold Boost button)
  • Block (PC: Hold ‘F’; console: Hold ‘B’ button; device: Hold Block button)
  • Lock-On (PC: Press ‘L’; console: Right DPAD; device: Click on Player)

As mentioned before, Roblox Super Evolution is still considered new as it was just released about three months ago. It is currently still in the Beta phase but it keeps updating. The newest update of the game comes with several things, such as hero trading, two new evolutions, two new moves, new quests, performance mode, new transformations, new upgrades, and limited time hero capsules.

The Roblox other games based on Dragon Ball

If you love Dragon Ball and love Super Evolution, you might also want to check out some other games on Roblox that are based on this anime and manga. Here is the list of the most played Roblox games based on Dragon Ball:

  • [New Update] [Dragonball Super1] [700k Visits!!]: played 719,879 times
  • [NameK!] Dragonball Z Online: played 346,988 times
  • Dragonball Z: UltimateOnlineHeroes [Co-Op!]: played 281,118 times
  • ~{Dragonball Untraveled Road}~: played 115,865 times
  • Dragonball Z: Xenoverse V2 [Updated]: played 77,465 times
  • Dragonball 7Star [Beta]: played 51,930 times
  • Dragonball Online 2 (64%) [Desc]: played 41,242 times
  • Dragonball: Zenkai Burst (In Development): played 34,313 times
  • Dragonball Z Online [New Map]: played 32,786 times
  • (Testing) Dragonball Heroes: played 31,036 times
  • Dragonballz Ultimate SSJ: played 19,978 times
  • [SSJ4 Added!!] Dragonball Heroes! [Alpha V1.0]: played 19,043 times
  • Dragonballz RPG [Pre-Pre Alpha]: played 17,872 times
  • DragonballGT World of Power! Read Desc: played 10,538 times
  • Dragonball Z: Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan: played 2,575 times
  • Dragonballz: played 2,002 times
  • Dragonballz Role Play (Update New SSJ’S): played 1,536 times

Feel free to try any Roblox game related to Dragon Ball that you want.   Getting to know each of them is recommended before playing it so you will not be shocked and you will not get the awkward phase.

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