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If you just plan to play a game on Roblox, it is important for you to know that Roblox has its currency named Robux. There are a lot of ways of earning Robux and one of them ways is to buy it. If you want to buy it, of course you need to know the price of it.

The price of Robux is affordable. If you access the Robux page, you are able to see that there are several choices of Robux that you are able to buy. For Starter Kit, there are R$ 400 which costs $ 4.95, R$ 800 which costs $ 9.95 and R$ 2,000 which costs $ 24.95. Besides, there are also Super Value including R$ 4,500 which costs $ 49.95 with R$ 1,500 addition if you join Builders Club, R$ 10,000 which costs $ 99.95 with R$ 5,000 addition if you join Builders Club and R$ 22,500 which costs $ 199.95 with R$ 12,500 addition if you join Builders Club.

If you want to buy Robux, you have to make sure that now you have enough money. If you do not have enough money for now, you are able to save your money daily and then after your saving is enough, you can get it and buy the Robux. Is there any other ways to buy Robux without buying it? Yes, you are able to buy Robux by being a member of Builders Club. By having Builders Club membership, you will not only get extra Robux when you buy it, but also you will receive a daily Robux stipend. Then, you can also get Robux by selling shirts, pants, and place access. By selling these items, you will get a percentage of the profit. However, if you want to sell items, you need to have Builders Club. If you have an ability to create shirts, it is better for you to make it as much possible and then sell it. Or, you are able to sell shirts which can be customized so that other Roblox players can buy any shirts that they want from you.

Another way to get Robux is selling game passes. For game passes, anyone can sell it even though they do not have membership. But of course, there will be a difference between accounts with membership and accounts without membership. If you do not have a membership, you will get a smaller percentage of the profit. But if you have a membership, you will get higher profit. So, from this we can conclude that if we have membership, we will get more advantages. So, it is recommended for you to have membership because it will make you get more advantages.

How about getting Robux from Robux Generator? For your information, actually there is no such a thing as a Robux Generator. If you find a Robux Generator, actually it is just a scam. You probably often find websites which offer free Robux by doing some activities there. If you find these kinds of sites, it is better for you to be careful because some of them are just scams. So, for your safety, just earn Robux through the legals ways as we explained above.

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