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As an online game which is rapidly growing, sure, the Roblox stock can be predicted accurately for the next few years, right? This is because Roblox’s innovative business model in this time really fits perfectly with current trends and must grow rapidly to take advantage of growth in this market segment.

In fact, Roblox stock is ever falling down in March. It may be caused by investors who continued to bid higher stock prices and Roblox reached a high of $77 on March 16, 2021. With the fall of these shares, shareholders were worried because since then Roblox’s shares have decreased by almost 13%. In this case the investor will probably reassess the valuation of a rich stock.

Even now, those stocks are trading at around 50% higher than its IPO price. Of course, the future decline in stock price cannot be taken lightly as the initial enthusiasm for the stock getting fades.

Stock Price Prediction for Roblox

Roblox stock was listed on the NYSE on March 10under the ticker symbol “RBLX”. This gaming platform finally picked up the plunge once putting off its IPO in 2020. Then, Roblox performed for a direct listing amid increasing SPAC-mania.

Of course, investors are very optimistic about the IPO as the stock opens at $ 64.50 per stock, which is much higher than the $ 45 per stock valuation it held in a private financing round in January 2021. Then, how about Roblox’s stock price forecast in 2025?

According to NYSE: RBLX, here’s for the analysis of Roblox stock forecast

  • Data as of April 06, 2021: 71.26
  • Today’s Charge: +0.49/ +0.69%

You can see the picture for Roblox’s stock forecast where the six analyst who offer 12-month price forecasts for Roblox Corp have a median target of 79.00 with a high estimate of 85.00 and a low estimate of 60.00. While, for median estimate, it represents a +10.88% increase from the last price of 71.15.

second picture-

The second picture shows the current consensus among 6 polled investment analysts is to buy stock in Roblox Corp. This rating has remained stable since April, when it was unchanged from the buy rating.

Here’s for Roblox’s earnings and sales forecasts

The Roblox’s earnings and sales prediction is according to NYSE: RBLX.

Current Quarter

  • Earnings per Share:$0.13
  • Sales: $494.4M
  • Reporting Date: TBD

Earning per Share

Earning per Share



Here’s for Roblox’s shareholders information!

Name Type Date Shares traded Share price Transaction value Since Transaction
Meritech Capital Partners  Sale 3/10/2021 1,736,426 $64.50 $112.0M +2.62%
Guthrie Michael  Sale 3/10/2021 1,200,000 $64.50 $77.4M +2.62%
Meritech Capital Partners  Sale 3/10/2021 866,784 $73.02 $63.3M +2.62%
Meritech Capital Partners  Sale 3/10/2021 868,213 $69.04 $59.9M +2.62%
Meritech Capital Partners  Sale 3/10/2021 881,382 $64.50 $56.8M +2.62%
Baszucki Greg  Sale 3/10/2021 640,878 $64.50 $41.3M +2.62%
Baszucki Greg  Sale 3/10/2021 609,000 $64.50 $39.3M +2.62%
Carvalho Chris  Sale 3/10/2021 500,000 $64.50 $32.3M +2.62%
Meritech Capital Partners  Sale 3/10/2021 439,966 $73.02 $32.1M +2.62%
Meritech Capital Partners  Sale 3/10/2021 440,691 $69.04 $30.4M +2.62%
Donato Craig  Sale 3/10/2021 150,000 $75.00 $11.3M -3.49%
Reinstra Mark L  Sale 3/10/2021 125,000 $64.50 $8.1M +2.62%
Baszucki Greg  Sale 3/10/2021 106,813 $70.00 $7.5M +2.62%
Baszucki Greg  Sale 3/10/2021 101,500 $70.00 $7.1M +2.62%
Meritech Capital Partners  Sale 3/10/2021 76,266 $64.50 $4.9M +2.62%
Tolley Brett  Sale 3/10/2021 45,000 $70.10 $3.2M +2.62%
Baszucki Greg  Sale 3/10/2021 45,750 $64.50 $3.0M +2.62%
Baszucki Greg  Sale 3/10/2021 45,750 $64.50 $3.0M +2.62%
Reinstra Mark L  Sale 3/10/2021 40,000 $70.60 $2.8M -1.15%
Meritech Capital Partners  Sale 3/10/2021 38,070 $73.02 $2.8M +2.62%
Meritech Capital Partners Sale 3/10/2021 38,133 $69.04 $2.6M +2.62%
Tolley Brett  Sale 3/10/2021 32,000 $71.06 $2.3M +2.62%
Donato Craig  Sale 3/11/2021 25,000 $75.00 $1.9M -3.49%
Reinstra Mark L  Sale 3/10/2021 25,000 $68.00 $1.7M +2.62%
Tolley Brett  Sale 3/10/2021 22,725 $64.50 $1.5M +2.62%
Guthrie Michael  Buy 3/10/2021 1,200,000 $0.53 $636.0K +2.62%
Reinstra Mark L  Buy 3/10/2021 150,000 $3.40 $510.0K +2.62%
Reinstra Mark L  Buy 3/05/2021 58,736 $3.40 $199.7K +2.62%
Reinstra Mark L  Buy 3/15/2021 40,000 $3.40 $136.0K -1.15%
Meritech Capital Partners  Sale 3/10/2021 1,429 $74.04 $105.8K +2.62%
Sturman Daniel Buy 3/04/2021 29,368 $3.40 $99.9K +2.62%
Meritech Capital Partners  Sale 3/10/2021 725 $74.04 $53.7K +2.62%
Meritech Capital Partners  Sale 3/10/2021 63 $74.04 $4.7K +2.62%
Donato Craig  Gift 3/16/2021 25,000 $0.00 $0.00 -7.38%
Guthrie Michael  Gift 3/16/2021 90,000 $0.00 $0.00 -7.38%
Tolley Brett  Gift 3/16/2021 8,020 $0.00 $0.00 -7.38%
Baszucki David B  Sale 3/22/2021 2,000,000 $0.00 $0.00 +1.89%

Well, if you want to see the analysis of Roblox’s stock price forecast, you can access this link.

How Does an Analyst Predict Roblox’s Stock Price?

Recently, only one analyst named Stifel Nicolaus covers the stock. In his analysis, the company has a buy rating and a target price of $85 for stock. This target price really represents a potential upside of 26 percent for the stock which comes from the current market price.

In fact, the stock analyst mentioned that the stock as “compelling play on the convergence of content and social.” In the progress of stock analysis, he also noticed the growth in the company’s hours engaged, favorable video game industry, bookings and a significant longer-term chance in China as the positive key.

Well, the forecast of Roblox stock either near-term and medium-term may be robust. Then, how about the long term for Roblox stock? Can it be predicted?

Most companies, especially digital companies, really experienced a growth of 82% in sales YoY in 2020. As the popularity of online games and content,  surely, the growth is being accelerated by the pandemic of Covid-19. Even though the growth of this magnitude cannot be expected to continue, however, it’s still significant.

According to Statista, the revenue in the Online Gaming segment is expected to show an annual growth rate of 7.36 which produces a projected market volume of $31.3 billion in 2025.

The point is, Roblox aims for daily active users to grow by more than 60% and revenue to grow by more than 100% for Q1 2021 YoY in its latest outlook. The stock analyst also recently put out a bullish note on Roblox to give it a target price of $85.

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