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Do you ever play the game of Roblox GBE? How to play the game of Roblox GBE? In this page, we are going to talk about Roblox GBE game and how to play it. So, make sure that you do not miss any information from this page.

About Roblox GBE

Roblox GBE is a game that was made on December 26, 2014 by AntiBoomzor. For your information, GBE stands for Gameboy Emulator. The last update of the game was on April 6, 2021. Roblox GBE (Gameboy Emulator) is able to played by maximum 10 players in a server. The game has all genres. Based on the research, Roblox GBE (Gameboy Emulator) game has place visits around 60.2K+ and favorites around 8,928. However, this game does not support the Private Servers. Also, you will need Rom URL to play the game of Roblox GBE (Gameboy Emulator). Aside from that, the game does not work on mobile. We think that it is enough slow for an emulator.

How about the creator of Roblox GBE (Gameboy Emulator) game? Well, let us check to the profile of AntiBoomzor. When we visit his profile, we are going to see that AntiBoomzor has 3,743 followers. His avatar is wearing Googly eyes, Cartoony Climb, Cartoony Swim, Cartoony Idle, Cartoony Jump, Cartoony fall, Ancient Wizard Beard, Kestrel – Black Vest, Cartoony walk, Cartoony run, Kestrel – Black pants, Panda Knit, Man head, Bunny Scarf, and smile emote. If you interested about Roblox GBE (Gameboy Emulator), you may can follow him.

Getting Rom URLs for playing Roblox GBE

As we explained above, you will need Rom URL to play the game of Roblox GBE (Gameboy Emulator). Some Roblox players said that the game like an engine which can run software for old games and stuff.

Here are some steps to get Rom URLs for playing Roblox GBE:

  • The first thing that you have to do is to open the game of Roblox GBE (Gameboy Emulator).
  • After that, you have to get Rom URLs for playing the game. For this case, you are able to visit the official website of Circa. We get information that it provides the URL for playing Roblox GBE (Gameboy Emulator).
  • Once you get the URL, you are able to copy it.
  • Next, you have to go back to the game of Roblox GBE (Gameboy Emulator).
  • Now, you are able to paste or enter the URLs you got from the site of Circa.
  • Lastly, you only need to click the “Play” button for playing the game of Roblox GBE (Gameboy Emulator).

For more understand regarding how to get Rom URLs for playing the game of Roblox GBE, you have to watch some videos on YouTube which share information about the way to get Rom URLs for Roblox GBE. In this case, you will be able to watch a video on YouTube by Nolanbear77. The title of video is How to get Rom URLs in Roblox GBE. The video was published on April 7, 2021. As far now, that video has 3,429 views. If you look at the section comment of that video, there are lots of people who give their comment related to the game of Roblox GBE. There are some commentators who said that the game of Roblox GBE (Gameboy Emulator) is under review. Also, there are some commentators who said that Roblox GBE (Gameboy Emulator) was banned by Roblox.

The Reasons why Roblox GBE be banned by Roblox

Unfortunately, there are no information obviously related to why Roblox GBE (Gameboy Emulator) be banned by Roblox. For this case, you may are able to get that information from Roblox Community forum. On the forum, you may get the reasons why the game of Roblox GBE (Gameboy Emulator) be banned by Roblox. Before the game be banned by Roblox, we get information that the game was enough popular. For those who have ever play the game of Roblox GBE (Gameboy Emulator), you are lucky have experience playing that game. But, if you never play Roblox GBE (Gameboy Emulator), sadly you may will not be able to play it. In this case, we suggest you to play other emulator games in Roblox.

About In-game ban

Talking about the game of Roblox GBE (Gameboy Emulator) which be banned by Roblox. Now we are going also to talk about in-game ban in Roblox. As a player of Roblox, of course it is very important for you to learn this information.

You have to know that an in-game ban is given to the affected player by an administrator or admin of the game or server. So, this will force the affected player to exit the game of Roblox. Otherwise, that affected player will not be able to rejoin. We get information that there are several methods in-game administrators in the places can kick or ban the players from entering the game, or removing the players from the server. Those are able to range from being kicked or being banned permanently from the game of Roblox. The players who are banned or kicked from a game can play other games in Roblox. Also, they are able to re-enter (if that player is kicked or un-banned by Administrators).

Aside from that, usually, the players are only kicked from a server utilizing an admin script. However, some Roblox games like the game of Work at a Pizza Place offer the players to be kicked/banned by vote automatically. Formerly, a notice about bans were given on the banners in the center of screen. For your information, Red banners were utilized until the end of 2018. Unfortunately, a notice was disconnected with an option to leave is now shown once an in-game ban is issued (except mutes mode, where the chat is going to disappear.

Types of in-game bans


The administrators in the games of Roblox are able to remove the players from their servers. They are able to use the commands to remove the players who do not follow game rules or affecting the environment of a server.


Usually, an automatic ban occurs in cases where a script bans the players for violating Roblox Terms of Service. For examples: scamming, spamming the chat repeatedly, trying to bypass the chat filter, and hacking. Also, the players are able to be kicked by the server due to lag or connection problems.

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