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When we talk with people and then they say a word or an abbreviation which sound strange, you surely think about what they refer to. As we know that an abbreviation can refer to anything and sometimes we need to ask to confirm the meaning of the term or abbreviation that they say.

In Roblox, you may often find strange terms and abbreviations and you do not really know what the meaning of them so that sometimes you have to ask people to confirm what the word that they mean. One of the abbreviation that we often hear in Roblox is Rk. Do you know what Rk means?

The Possibility of ‘Rk’ Meaning

Outside Roblox, Rk can refer to many things.

  • In Anime, Rk stands for Rurouni Kenshin
  • In Chinese and if we talk about Chinese Actor, RK stands for Roger Kwok
  • If we talk about bands, RK can refer to Richmond Knights or it can also refer to Rilo Kiley

RK can also stands for Royal Knights, Rich Kid, Road Kill, Rama Krishna, Repair Kit, Reaction Kinetic and many more. So, the meaning of an abbreviation depends on the context and also the thing that is meant by the speaker.

The Meaning of ‘Rk’ and The Other Abbreviations in Roblox

In Roblox, Rk means Random Kills, Randomly Killing, or Random Killing depending on the context. This abbreviation is usually used when someone is killing team members or others for no reason. So, if you are playing a game in Roblox for example an FPS game and then another player say Rk, it means that Random Killing.

When you become one of Roblox players, it is important for you to know some terms and abbreviation that are usually used there so that you will understanding what they means. If you cannot understand about it, it may be a problem because you may have missunderstanding.  So, we provide you some terms and also abbreviations which are often used in Roblox. Check them in the list below.

  • PG : Password Guessed.
  • BA : Bad Allien. This abbreviation has was in popular use during TNL Twitch live streams since a Roblox employee accidentally calling Alan ‘Alien”.
  • BRB : Be Right Back.
  • AFK : Away From Keyboard. It is the same as BRB and it can be used to show that he/ she is being away from the keyboard to do other short real-life actions such as getting food, bathroom break and many things.
  • Filterpass: It is bypassing the filter to say an expletive on the site or in-game.
  • Noob : It is derived from “newb” which refers to new players. Usually, players may incorrectly use this word for people who are annoying.
  • Plz : It is shortened version of “Please”.
  • Pwned : This word is similar to owned but for situations where stronger force was used to achieve.
  • IRL : In Real Life.
  • DevHunt : It is used for Egg Hunts that take place in multiple places.
  • Tags / Tagging : It is a short for hashtag/ hashtagging and it is used for when the words of player are censored and replaced with the sharp (#) symbol.

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