How to Look Like a Noob

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The term “noob” is used to described an internet slang for a new or inexperienced player. This one is a misspelling of newcomer which means the inexperienced person to a certain activity. After a long time, the misspelled newb become its own word.

In the past, Roblox noobs used to have a blue torso, green leg limbs, and yellow head and arms. In 2011, everything was changed and later would continue to do so. A lot of people miss and hate the old one but they will always play the special part of Roblox history. If you want to look like a noob, here are the things that you have to follow.

  • Sign in to Roblox by going to the official website of Roblox in a web browser and entering your username and password at the top of the screen and clicking Log In.
  • Press Avatar. This one is in the sidebar menu to the left.
  • Remove every feature from the character. This one includes clothes, faces, hats, hair, heads, body parts, packages, gear, and many more. Find any item that has a checkmark in the list of items and uncheck that item. Please keep in mind that not removing everything will not have the same noob effect in the end, so make sure to double check. You are still able to keep the animations on, but removing them will make you look even more like a noob.
  • Press or hover your mouse over the Body tab. This one is the third tab beside the image of your avatar.
  • Press Skin Tone. This one is beside the Appearance in the menu that shows up below the Body tab.
  • Scroll down and press Advanced. This one is in the bottom right corner of the menu with skin tone swathes. You are only able to access the advanced section of skin tones if you are on the desktop of laptop.
  • Turn your head, left arm, and right arm into bright yellow. you can click the radio button beside “All” in the menu to the left and then press the “Bright Yellow” circle. In the end, it will say “Bright Yellow” when you place the mouse cursor over it.
  • Change the torso into “Bright Blue”. You can do it by clicking the radio button beside Torso in the menu to the left. Then, click the “Bright Blue” circle. This one will say “Bright Blue” when you locate the mouse cursor over it.
  • Make the left leg and right leg “Br yellowish green”. Please click the radio button beside Left Leg and then choose the “Br yellowish green” circle. This one will say “Br yellowish green” when you locate the mouse cursor over it. Then, do the same thing for the right leg.
  • Press Done. This one is located at the bottom of the menu with the color swatches. Enjoy playing as a classic noob when you are finished.

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