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Developed by Wolfpaq and Aidanleewolf, Brookhaven has become one of the most popular role-playing games (RPGs) on the Roblox platform. This game invites you to gain an unforgettable experience by performing various activities set in the bustling fictional town of Brookhaven.

In Brookhaven, you’ll have to do many activities in accordance with the role you choose, either as a cop or a criminal. Of course, you may feel a little chaotic, making it hard to win the game. With the use of Brookhaven scripts, however, these allow you to easily conduct what you have to do with your role.

Brookhaven Script [ADMIN-PANEL]

So, what are the useful scripts you can use for Brookhaven? Let’s find them below!

Brookhaven Scripts for the Admin Panel

There is no doubt that there are dozens of scripts that are working in Brookhaven. However, only a few of them have functions in the admin panel. As the name implies, the scripts allow you to run some commands like an admin, providing you with administrative privileges in the game, so you can do many things easier and faster.

One of the admin panel scripts that may work in Brookhaven is published by wsufy.ind on Discord @wsufy.lnd#9999. That said, it is the most powerful and multifunctional script and has several functions. Here’s the script:


The following is how the script works:

  • No Clip: It can help you remove any objects around when you’re trying to walk through or drive your vehicles.
  • Unnoclip or clip: It allows objects to remain or re-exist after being removed.
  • Flying: It works to make you fly easily.
  • Unfly: It will stop you from flying.
  • Flyspeed: It allows you to fly at high speed.
  • Vehiclefly: When you’re driving a vehicle, it will automatically fly around to quickly get to the location you want.
  • vehicleflyspeed: Your vehicle will automatically fly around at a high speed.
  • Etc.

Of course, there are still many other functions of the script that work in the game. Since there are too many, we’ll only show you some of them.

More Brookhaven Admin Panel Scripts

If the previous script is not working, we also have some more scripts that you can use in Brookhaven. The following are the scripts that may work to pop-up the admin panel in Brookhaven and run the commands easily:

Script 1

loadstring(game:HttpGet(“”, true))()

In addition to the previous script, you can also use this script to run the admin commands. This script was created by Void, who can be found on Discord @VoidWinning. He claimed that this script really has many functions, like being an administrator of the game.

Here are some functions that you can get from this script:

  • Jump All
  • Auto Jump
  • Kill All
  • Kill Player
  • Freeze Player
  • Carry Player
  • Teleport
  •  Etc.

Script 2


Just like the script above, this script also serves as an admin in Brookhaven and allows you to get access to run all of the commands in the game, including:

  • Kill everyone quickly.
  • Kill certain players.
  • Able to automatically rob the houses.
  • Do a lot of things honestly.
  • Teleport under the map.
  • Get a trail behind your back or remove it automatically.
  • Select a role quickly without having to put in your full username.
  • Grab other players’ money easily.
  • Etc.

How to Execute the Brookhaven Admin Panel Script?

If you want to execute those Brookhaven admin panel scripts, make sure you already have a script executor installed on your device. Without using the executor, you cannot run the script at all.

On the internet, there are so many script executors you can download, such as Krnl, Synapse, JJSploit, Fluxus, Hydrogen, Arceus Oxygen, etc. For beginners, you can choose one that may be easy to use since each executor may have different steps to run.

Here’s how to execute the Brookhaven admin panel script!

  • After downloading an executor, you can then launch the Brookhaven game.
  • When the game is open, you can also run the executor by pressing “Inject/Attach.”
  • Then, you can paste the script that you’ve copied above into the available script box.
  • After that, click “Execute.”
  • Now, the script is running, and you can enjoy doing anything in the game.

If the executor you’re using does not work to run the script, you can do the following:

  • First, load the Brookhaven game.
  • Then, inject the executor into the game.
  • After that, open the script tab and paste the script you’ve copied above into the available script box. Click “Execute.”
  • Once you click it, there may be a pop-up window asking you to type a certain command.
  • Here, you need to type “cmds” to see the commands.
  • After typing it, a list of commands will automatically appear.
  • To run the command, you can only click on it one-by-one based on the commands you want.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully run the admin panel scripts in Brookhaven.

What Can You Do in Brookhaven?

As a role-playing game, Brookhaven allows you to select a role either as a cop or a criminal; each actually has its own characteristics in terms of weapons, objectives, and strategies, as well as its own difficulty.

If you play as a cop, you’ll have to protect your environment, especially the streets, from crime. You can use some stuff, such as handcuffs, tasers, pepper spray, and others, to destroy dangerous criminals.

Otherwise, if you play as a criminal, you may have to stay one step ahead of the law enforcement agents to evade capture. To successfully conduct a crime, you’ll need various weapons, such as pistols, knives, and machine guns.

Apart from these, you can also select another profession, such as doctor, firefighter, student, or teacher. To add depth and various gameplay experiences, you can try to choose another role since each can deliver unique gameplay mechanics and activities.

Depending on the role you select, you may be present in certain locations, such as a store, streets, church, school, playground, hospital, etc., to perform some activities, such as:

  • Driving vehicles
  • Exploring different environments
  • Purchasing and decorating your house
  • Socializing with other players
  • Throwing parties
  • Chase and catch criminals
  • Run away from the cop on the streets
  • Participate in a wide range of social interactions
  • Many more

Well, these activities aim to provide a virtual community in which you can immerse yourself in a realistic town setting to enjoy a variety of experiences with your friends. That’s why Brookhaven has become popular due to its interactive gameplay, the chance for players to role-play, and extensive customization options.

What makes this game more interesting is its in-game rewards, where most items, houses, vehicles, and tools are actually free. So, you do not have to purchase them. Thus, there are some paid items you can have that you can purchase with Robux.

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