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Roblox is a platform for playing games where people can find and play games in various genres. On that platform, you are able to create an avatar that can be customized based on your desire such as the clothes and accessories that they wear. When playing games in Roblox, you may want your avatar to fly, going up and down. To do that, a script is needed.

Script For Roblox Avatar to Fly, Up and Down

According to the RBX Script site, here is the fly, up, and down script (mobile script).



Roblox Fly, Up, Down Script

On that site, it is also explained that the script is made for phones. With this script, your character or avatar can be up and down while flying and also you are able to control the speed of the fly. If you want to use the script, you have to copy the script. You can copy the script above or you can copy it from the RBX Script site. You can also find this script on the Pastebin site.

What will happen when we use this script? You are able to watch some other Roblox players who use this script on YouTube. One of them is ItsLouisPlayz. On his YouTube channel, he shows what will happen with your Roblox character when you use this script. As you are able to see on the video that the character will be able to fly, going up and down. And even you are allowed to increase and decrease the fly speed. ItsLouisPlayz’s video that you are able to watch a video about using this script is on YouTube where the title is Mobile Fly Script that was uploaded on January 30th, 2023. Until now, this video has been watched more than 5k times.

Some people may wonder why flying is needed in the Roblox game. It is not a requirement for a Roblox character to have the ability of flying, but if the character can fly, it can make it easier to move around in the game. As you know that when your character moves from one point to another point in the games, it may be challenging, moreover when you play a game that requires you to move fast. This ability will make your character easy to move from one place to another and as a result, it can make your gameplay better.

Another Script for Flying on Roblox

On the RBX Paste site, you can also find a script for flying and here is the script.

loadstring(game:HttpGet(“”, true))()

The script above offers some features as you can read below.

  • You can get items before others.

By using this script, you can arrive at a place to get items before other players. You can arrive before others because your character will fly which means that it will not go through obstacles.

  • You can escape from enemies.

When you play a game with enemies in it, you are able to escape by flying. So, you can avoid attacks from them. As a result, it can help you to last longer in the game.

  • The gameplay becomes interesting.

By being able to fly in the game, it can make the gameplay interesting because you are able to explore all areas of the world in the games.

Is it safe to use the script on Roblox? I cannot guarantee that, but I just can remind you that when you play games on Roblox, make sure to follow the rules or terms of services of the game and play fairly.

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