ZOぞ Scripts [Kill Aura, Esp, Auto Parry]

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Zo ぞ Samurai is a fighting game which has Japanese atmosphere. This game was created by ZO by Voldex. In this game, players need to face enemies in PVP combat. Is there a script for this game? There is a script to kill aura, esp, and auto parry.

Script for Zo ぞ Samurai

There are a number of scripts for this game. It is understandable why some players want to use scripts in this game because they probably want to play the game easier because in this game they need to face opponents in PVP combat and for sure they do not want to lose. One of the scripts for Zo Samurai can be seen below.

ZOぞ Scripts [Kill Aura, Esp, Auto Parry]


As explained on the RBX Script site, in this script, there are a lot of cool features such as auto parry, esp, kill aura, can cause automatic people to parry, etc. Are you tempted to use this script? Wait, before you go on using this script, you need to know that using a script violates the Roblox terms of service. So, if you insist on using scripts in Roblox, you may be ready for the consequences. On the Roblox site, it is explained that a player who cheats or exploits can lose their Roblox account. Well, some players probably just want to have fun with scripts in the game for a certain time and after that they do not use it and play the game normally.

About Zo ぞ Samurai

Zo ぞ Samurai is a fighting game in Roblox which was created by ZO by Voldex on April, 14th, 2021. This game is one of the games in Roblox which has been played by a lot of people. As you can see in the description of the game that this game has been visited more than 442 million times and even this game has been favorited more than 1,4 million times.

In this game, you have to face enemies in PVP combat and also you can explore the map so that you can find new weapons, secrets, fighting arenas and more. You can choose your favorite Samurai weapon and master the art of the blade as well.

There are a number of badges that can be achieved by players such as KIN, TRIAL, RINGATHON, Oni Nightmare Quest, Peeka Quest, Dedication, Money Maker, and Oni Resurrection. Custom Chat Color, Chill Emotes Pack, Custom Kill Sound, Lantern Color Picker, Starter Skin Pack, Crystal Skin Pack, Luminous Skin Pack, VIP and Dance Emotes Pack are game passes that can be bought in this game. The price of the passes varies starting from 100 Robux to 500 Robux. For example, Custom Chat Color costs 100 Robux, Lantern Color Picker costs 200 Robux, Dance Emotes Pack costs 300 Robux and Luminous Skin Pack costs 500 Robux.

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