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Model is one of game assets in Roblox. The other game assets in Roblox are textures and audio files and they are stored online. Now, we will focus on model especially about how to upload a model. Some of you may have created or has a model but you do not know how to upload it to Roblox.

Model can refer to any game object in Roblox and it is the same as Prefabs in Unity. The mechanism of model is useful for creating and sharing groups of parts/ objects, 3D meshes, physical contraptions, scripts and more. Now, how to upload an object or group of object as a model? Follow the steps below.

  • First, you have to choose the item in the Explorer window and then right click.
  • After that, you have to choose Save to Roblox… from the pop up context menu.
  • The last, you need to select a new slot or overwrite an existing slot.

This is important for you to know that if you are collaborating on a game as part of a group, you may wish to save models in the Group Models section of the upload window.

To see the steps virtually, you are able to watch some videos about uploading models in Roblox in Youtube. Some videos that you are able to watch are How to Create And Upload Model in Roblox Studio? | Roblox Tutorial by Nikita Red, How to Upload A Model on Roblox by Robloxkitty 11, How to Publish your Models in Roblox Studio by Firewolf-Gaming, How to Upload a Model on Roblox by EncryptionXYZ and many more.

If we talk about a model, you may have a wish to be able to make a model of yourself on Roblox. You can do that and now we are going to show you the steps to do that as  a bonus.

  • First, you have to log into Roblox and then go to Develop and then click Edit on any of your places, active or inactive.
  • After that, you are able to click F6 on your keyboard. Then, you will be directed to test mode. You can also click on Test at the top of your screen and click Play.
  • Now, you have to go to Explorer and find your username under the Workspace.
  • In this step, you have to right click on your username and then click Select Children. Make sure that everything under your username should be chosen.
  • You have to right click on anything chosen and then click on Group.
  • Now, right click on Model and then click Rename. You are able to name it anything that you want.
  • Now, publish it. You can right click on Model and then click Save to Roblox. You need to get a window and then click on Create New after.
  • Then, you should see several things such as name, description, genre, copylock and comments. Name the model and add a description. After that, click on Finish.
  • Now, you can exit out of Studio and go back to the Develop and go to Models. Find your model and click the grey arrow. It has to be the first one on the list.
  • You have to configure the model.

Now, you are all set. You can add the model to  a set and show it to your friends.

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