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Building tools is also known as Btools. you have to know that Building tools are the default tools that used to build in a place. The players of Roblox are able to get the new building tools from the owner or the admin of a Personal Server while the old building tools are currently can get from the admin commands or the Roblox players also can get the new building tools by adding them in a game from Roblox Studio.

For your information, the Building tools or simply called as Btools also work on Roblox Mobile. However, the Move tool cannot work on Roblox Mobile. Once the players of Roblox go into the Build Mode on any of their places, so they will be granted with building tools.

You may come to this page to find out the information about the ID or code for Roblox Building Tools. If you want to know its information, so you do not be hesitate to continue to read this entire article. From this article, you will be able to get the information you need about the Roblox Building Tools ID/code.


  1. Move – moves bricks.
  2. Copy – copies bricks.
  3. Delete – deletes bricks.


  1. Stamper. It is going to show a list of bricks which can be placed into an in-game session and modified by the other building tools. Unfortunately, now it is broken and will not work as intended.
  2. Insert. It allow you to show a list of models from the Toolbox that can be placed into an in-game session. Same with the Stamper tool, this is now broken and will not work as intended.
  3. Delete. It works as the old Delete tool.
  4. Clone. It works similarly to the old Copy tool.
  5. Rotate. This allow you to rotates the bricks.
  6. Configure Parts. It is going to configures properties of special bricks, such as the C4. But, you have to note that it does not work on normal bricks.
  7. Wiring Tool. It wires the bricks such as light to trigger.
  8. Classic Tool. For your information, the classic tool contains 5 tools. Those are Material, Move, Paint, Resize and Surface. Now, you may want to know the function of each tool. Here is its explantion:
  • Material: It allows you to change the material, transparency, and reflection of the selected parts..
  • Move: It allows you move the selected objects in any direction.
  • Paint: It allows you to change the color of bricks. Using this tool, you can choose a color from a full color palette. Then, you can also choose a color from 132 choices.
  • Resize: It allows you to resize the selected objects in any direction. On the side menu, you can customize the increment used.
  • Surface: It allows you to change any of the six surfaces on a brick. Then, affecting how it sticks.

Well, the text above is an explanation regarding the Roblox Building Tools (Btools). If you have any question related it, just send us an email for assistance.

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