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In Bloxburg, house is an important residence building same as in our real life which is used for living. In this game, the size of a house plot is about 30 x 30 (900 units), but the size of a house plot with the Large Plot gamepass is about 50 x 50 (2500 units).

The building system in Bloxburg permits you to place furniture, walls, windows, vehicles and more on your plot. So, you are able to make your own unique and original home as you want. There are a lot of Bloxburg players who choose to use their plots not just for house but also for building farms, restaurants, hotels, small towns and villages.

By default, you are only able to build on the first floor. But, if you have multiple floors gamepass, you will be able to build up to the 3rd floor. Then, if you also have basement gamepass, you will be able to build one floor underground. As an owner of the plot, you are able to set house permissions for people that you want block or permit access to your house.

In Bloxburg, there are 6 prebuilt homes. The biggest and the most expensive house in this game is The Bloxington Mansion. It is modeled after villas you would likely find in Spain, California and even in Italy. Even though this house is expensive, it is partially a letdown as the house value itself costs only $138,000. The price of this house is $200,000. The other prebuilt houses which are cheaper than this are:

  • Happy Home of Robloxia for $7,500.
  • Cozy Cottage for $20,000.
  • Peaceful Living for $50,000.
  • Classic Family Home for $75,000.
  • Small Suburban for $85,000.

The Bloxington Mansion is the most expensive prebuilt home in Bloxburg. But, how about the most expensive home which was created by Bloxburg players? If you try to search it in Youtube, you will find some reviews about the most expensive house in Bloxburg. One of the videos is a video of DfieldMark entitled The Most Expensive House In Bloxburg!!! | Subscriber Tours (Roblox Bloxburg) published on October 28th, 2017. Now, this video has been watched more than 827k times.

In the video, he did a tour to the house. In the front part of the house, there is “Welcome to Newpoint Estate”. In addition, there is some other information including address which is at 174 East Roosevelt St. Garfield, NJ 07026; the value of the house which is $3.02 million; size which is 38,000 square ft; and the amenities which include library, car showroom, bowling alley, cinema, indoor and outdoor pools, museum, gallery, and maze.

As you can see in the video that the house is very big. No wonder why because there a lot of amenities as mentioned above. The house is also beautiful even when you see it in the front or up of the house. After you enter the gate, you will see there is a large garden and it is phenomenal. Then, he checks the inside parts of the house and this house is very amazing. You can watch it directly and you can make this house as your inspiration when you build a house in Bloxburg.

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