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Roblox game server is the term to call the server that is authoritative source of events in the multiplayer video game. this one will transmit enough data about its internal state to allow the connected clients in order to maintain their own accurate version of the game world for display to the players. Aside from that, they also will get and process each input of the player. Generally, all the servers will host more than one game server that will each be instances of game servers serving different places.

When a certain user joins a certain game, his client, the instance of the Roblox software on the device, requests for the game server to be created if all of them are full or if there is no server, and then connects to that. Some other clients on the computers of the other users might then connect to the game server. This one is base of the multiplayer system of the Roblox.

Whenever the change appears on the client such as the character movement, chat, and so on, it is replicated to the server, that then replicates it to all the other clients connected to the game. whenever the change happens on the server because of the physics or because of the scripts, this one is replicated to all the clients connected to the game.

Roblxo server is not perfect. Sometimes, Roblox goes down. When it happens, everyone usually go straight to the sites that provide the information about the status of the Roblox servers. This kind of site will inform you the current status of Roblox server and will let you know what is exactly happens.

Most of the time, the main reason of all the issue is the maintenance. On the platform called Roblox, maintenance is the situation when the Roblox staff temporarily shut down the whole website or services in order to perform the crucial updates or general maintenance. When the maintenance begins, all the players will be not able to connect to Roblox servers and all the players that are already in the games will be automatically kicked from the Roblox servers. During the maintenance, any effort to go to the Roblox page will be directed to the generic maintenance page.

Before maintenance, there will be yellow banners displayed on the website, informing all the players about the maintenance in order to prevent any sitewide panic. Roblox may alerts the players that the access to the Roblox servers will temporarily be unavailable.

Apparently, some maintenance do not require the site to be shut down. Instead, there will be the orange banner displayed on the site, stating that the site is currently undergoing maintenance and that all the players may experience connection problems when joining or playing the game.

Usually, maintenance happens when most people are asleep or at school in different time zones. However, in some cases, maintenance may begin at any time. In worst cases, Roblox starts maintenance without the notice beforehand which usually causes the chaos.

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