Which is Better Rune or Ginger Roblox Murder Mystery

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You are maybe one of Roblox users who like playing Murder Mystery lately and now you want to know the difference between two weapons in that game. You want to know the better weapon so that you can use it. Okay, we are going to inform you about two weapons in that game including Rune and Ginger.

Do you have these two weapons? Well, in the Murder Mystery, there are a lot of weapons. The weapons is categorized into some categories. Those are Ancient Weapons, Crafting, Classic Weapons, Rare Weapons, Legendary Weapons, Unique Weapons and Gemstone. Batwing, Nik’s Scythe and Icewing are categorized into Ancient Weapons. Crafting is a basic feature in the Murder Mystery 2 which allows you to craft only knives without having to buy Crates. Cowboy, Phaser, Laser, Golden, America, Slitter, Ghost, Prince, Shadow, and Blood are categorized into Classic Weapons. Corrupt, Blue Candy Cane and Red Hallow are categorized into Unique Weapons.

How about Rune and Ginger? Ginger are categorized into a Rare Weapons together with Rainbow, Galaxy, Krypto, Spectrum, Nova, Vortex, Korblox,Squire, Abstract, Musical, Black, Purple, Imbued, Galactic, iRevolver, Hacker, Bacon, Ace, Molten, Damp, Nether, Spitfire, Mummy, Jack, Cane, Orange Marble and Gingerbread. You are able to find Ginger in two types including knife and gun. These two weapons can be gained only through trading.

Different with Ginger, Rune is categorized into a Legendary Weapons together with Blue Elite, Plasmite, Overseer Knife, Splash, Fade, Fusion, Shiny, Viper, Predator, Universe, Green Fire, Sparkle, Overseer Gun, Midnight, Emerald, Rupture, Web, Tree, Green Elite, JD, Cotton Candy, Elite, Scratch Blue variant, Scratch Red variant, and Ginger. Wait, Ginger? Yes, in the Legendary Weapons, there is also Ginger Knife but in different design if we compare with Ginger from Rare Weapons.

Rune is categorized into a Legendary Weapon. Legendary Weapon is red rated items in Murder Mystery 2 which are one of the rarest types of rarities in the game. Rune is black knife with purple feature in several parts. This weapon can be gained through Season 1 box or trading. Ginger in the Legendary Weapons is a brown knife with a white stripes in the holder and there are two red dots, a green dot and a ribbon in the knife and also a white color at the edge of the knife. The combination of the color looks likes Christmas vibe because it was an item that is unboxed during the 2018 Christmas event.

Ginger knife and Ginger guns in the Rare Weapons has different designs with the one in the Legendary Weapon.  Ginger knife and Ginger guns in the Rare Weapons group has silver color with brown and colourful designs in several parts of them. They are green rated items and they are harder to get from crates. These two Ginger weapons can be gained through trading only.

Which one is better? Rune or Ginger? For the designs of each weapon, it can be subjective. Some of you may like Rune but some others may like Ginger. But if you want to know the strength of each weapon, you can try to play the game and get these weapons to know the strength of them.

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