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The main currency of Roblox called Robux is really hard to get. Actually, it is easy to get if you have enough money. What if the situation is opposite? A lot of Roblox players look for the other ways to get Robux, such as looking for the quiz that can give them Robux.

One of the quizzes to get Robux is the one on Omlet. This quiz was created by kimmie_duck. You can play the quiz and see who is the best. If you win, you will get the prize. Please keep in mind that only one player that will be the champion. How to take the quiz? In order to take the quiz, you have to download the app named Omlet Arcade. Yo can get this kind of thing on Google Play Store for the Android users and on App Store for the users of Apple products. It is such a must and you will not be able to play the quiz if you do not download the app.

The second Roblox quiz that you can try to get Robux is on Nerd Tests’ User Tests. This one will give you free Robux if you get over 50%. There are ten questions in total that you will have to answer. The first one is whether Roblox better than MC. You can choose no, yes, or too personal to tell u noob. The second one is about the main currency in Roblox. The options of the answer are GoldBux, Robux, RoDollars, Pounds, Green, and Tix. The third one is what is the thing called Builders Club. If you think it is a thing you buy and you get daily currency unlock new things, you can choose A. If you do not know the answer to the question, please choose B. If you think that the money eats a potato, then you should choose C. If you think it gives you Robux and you get everything on the catalog free, then the option that you have to pick is D. The fourth question is how to move in Roblox. The first option is you can move in Roblox by pressing Esc then W then Q then Y then W again. The second option is W, A, S, D arrow keys. The third option is potato. If you do not have any slightly idea, then the fourth option is your answer. Some other questions are whether you want Robux to get some percentage, whether you like Roblox in general, whether you have a Youtube channel, whether you enjoy the quiz, and so on. you can try the quiz and see if you get the Robux in the end.

The are some other Roblox quizzes to get Robux that you can try. You can look for the information about it on the community of Roblox. However, you have to know that there is no guarantee that this kind of quiz will give you Robux. Please always be careful.

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