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Making game icon can make people curious what the game about. If we are able to make a good icon for our game, it can attract people to click Play. So, there are several things that you need to know about how to attract people through your game icon.

In a game, icon is a square images which represent a game in places other than its details page. It includes areas such as game page, your profile page, favorited lists and many more. An icon of a game will be cropped version of the game’s standard thumbnail by default. But if you want, you are able to make your own game icon with your image editor of choice and then upload it for free to Roblox. When you make a game icon, you may need the templete and you also need some information related to the game icon.

For size, game icon in Roblox must be square with maximum dimensions of 512 x 512 pixels. And you need to know that when you upload icon, it will be scaled down to smaller sizes throughout the Roblox site and app. Because it is rescaled, so some details of the game icon may be lost especially text. So, it is recommended for you to preview your icon at smaller size like 128 x 128 and then you have to make sure that the details remain clear.

Next thing that you have to note is the composition of your game icon. Game icon is a very important marketing tool since it is the first experience that a lot of players will have with your game. So, make sure that it can attract people to click Play button in your game. For example, if your game is fun and fast-paced, you need to be able to show it in your game icon.

Colouring is also an important thing. You have to use the right colors for your game icon to express the core vibe of the game. You also need to think about the saturation and also the contrast of the icon. Make sure that you are able to show your game icon in its most brilliant and viewable state. If you set the low contrast, it will look “washed out” but if you set excessive contrast, it can look fake and unattractive.

Do not forget about the fonts that you use in your game icon because it will be the part of your game’s identity. So, make sure that you choose the correct font for your game icon. How about template? As we mentioned above that game icon will be shown by default if you do not upload it. But, if you want to make your game icon by yourself, for the template, of course you need to see the rules that we have mentioned above such as the size of the template for your game icon, the fonts that you are going to use, the colours, the saturation and contrast and any other things that can determine the function of your game icon as a marketing tool.

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