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Do you like something horror? Then, the theme of this article now will be suitable for you. Now, we are going to talk about Roblox Myths Ulifer Target. Do you know who Ulifer is? If you often play Asylum, you surely know who he is.

In the Myth Hunting community, Ulifer is a myth which is notorious. He is also regarded as a Dangerous Myth because he had past incidents with supposed IP Grabbing. He is able to lure kids to his game named Paradise and also brings them to his game, Asylum. To track kids, he will proceeds. There is a rumor which says that there are a lot of people who have disappears due to him. He is also known for being the third Shadelight key myth hunters which are now stuck on.

Enszo is one of the most notable that have fallen vulnerable to his supposed IP Grabbing. Enszo is a popular myth hunter and it happened after they were both in game and then Ulifer asked him if he lived in France which was right. But, it is believed to have had been public information at the time and it was also shown on the Skype account of Enszo at the time.

What about the character of Ulifer actually? He is known as someone who is very short-tempered and he can change his mood very quickly. If he is alone in games, it is known that he often talks to himself. This thing shows how unstable he is mentally. There are some reports about him that he stalks certain players. These accounts have never been heard or seen again. Ulifers refers to every Myth Hunter as his kids and even some of them have fell victim to him.

Now, you may be curious about the target of Ulifers. His targets are kids who are under the age of 16. You need to know that he is very mysterious and he always speaks in cryptic language. Mostly, he talks to people as if they are a part of a poem or a song. His behaviour which is intelligent, “friendly” and manipulative can easily lure and leave hunters in confusion.

Arts is also something that he likes. When he tracks down a new “friend”, he is very protective and determined person. If he is around myth hunters, he will be quiet. He toys with them and kills them in his game. Being cunning and greedy are also his character and he only wants to seek for new preys whenever he wants to but when he does not get what he want or needs, he will get angry quickly.

The actions of Ulifer mostly speak for themselves. When he approaches a new victim slowly, manipulates hunters or a kid or even lures them somewhere, most of his movements are unpredictable. It is important for you to know his abilities. Teleportation and Reality Warping are his abilities. Teleportation is the ability to move from one place to another instantly without physically occupying the space in between. Reality Warping is the ability to manipulate reality. FatherGrimm reveals that Ulifer can teleport which basically manipulates time and space.

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