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Do you looking for information about how to get player position? To find this information, you need to learn some things including Body position, Base part, and the Roblox player character. Apparently, there are also some other Roblox players who look for this information, so let us talk about that here.

In this article, we are going to share a way for you to find or get the player position through a script. If you want to know its way, so you are able to keep read this article until end. Please ensure that you read entire article in order to make you understand it. We think that this is one of important things that you have to learn as a Roblox player.

To get Player position through a script, firstly you need to use a touched event if you want something to happen between the specific coordinates. Or you are able also to find how many Studs the Player is from a certain “Part”. If you want the Player’s position you are able to do that via (local pos = Player.character.Torso.Position). Please, switch “Torso” to “UpperTorso” or another R15 Body part (if R15 Enabled). Then, if you want to do a touched event, you are able to put a Part down in size it to what you want. Next, when you want to find out the Studs between an object and the Player, so you are able to do these following code:

1. Function GetInrange (part)

2. Return (part position), game.players.localplayer.character.torso.position.

3. End

In addition, if you want a different position each time, you are able to eliminate the Touched event and use something such as Studs, then add your Sound.

Talking about Roblox get player position, in this article, we are going also to talk about get player from character. You have to know that this function returns the Player that associated with the given Player.Character, or nil if one cannot be found. For your information, it is equivalent to the following function:

local function getPlayerFromCharacter (character)

for _, player in pairs (game:GetService (“Players”):GetPlayers()) do

if player.Character = character then

return player




Usually, this method is often used once some event in player’s character fires (such as their Humanoid dying). Such an event might not directly reference the Player object, but this method provides an easy access. The inverse of this function is able to be described as getting the Character of a Player. To do this, simply you are able to access the Character property. Here in the text below, we are going to give the sample code of Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter:

1. local character = game.Workspace.Player

2. local player = game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(character)

3. if player then

4. print(“Player is ” .. player.Name)

5. else

6. print(“Player doesn’t exist!”)

7. end

Well, this is some explanation regarding the Roblox get player position and get player from character that we are able to share in this article. To get more information, we suggest you to search its information from other sources by yourself directly.

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