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Grab Knife is known as one of the most favorite hacks. There are some series of Grab Knife. For those who are looking for the scripts of Grab Knife, a site named Pastebin is the best option that you can visit. Pastebin is defined as the name of the most favorite site when it comes to script. Everyone loves this platform as it is complete and simple.

In the site, you will not be required to sign in to get the access to the site. When you are trying to look for the script of Grab Knife, you just have to find the Search bar, type “Grab Knife ” as the keyword, press the Search or Enter button and the result will be shown.

As there are some series of Grab Knife, the results of “Grab Knife” keyword also vary. Some of them are Grab Knife v4, Grab Knife V5 (with Gun and Knife), Lua Roblox Scripts Grab Knife V4 leaked, Grab Knife V1, Lua Grab Knife V2, Grab Knife Script FE, and many more. Once you found the result that you want, you just need to click the link and you will be directed to the page when you will be able to see the script. Here is the script of Grab Knife V1 as the example of the script of Grab Knife on Pastebin. This script of Grab Knife V1 was shared by a guest on November 29, 2017.

–== Grab Knife script fixed by karstenes ==–

me = game.Players.LocalPlayer

char = me.Character

selected = false

attacking = false

hurt = false

grabbed = nil

mode = “drop”

bloodcolors = {“Really red”, “Bright red”}

function prop (such as part, parent, collide, tran, ref, x, y, z, color, anchor, form)

part.Parent = parent

part.formFactor = form

part.CanCollide = collide

part.Transparency = tran

part.Reflectance = ref

part.Size =,y,z)

part.BrickColor =

part.TopSurface = 0

part.BottomSurface = 0

part.Anchored = anchor

part.Locked = true



function weld (including w, p, p1, a, b, c, x, y, z)

w.Parent = p

w.Part0 = p

w.Part1 = p1

w.C1 = CFrame.fromEulerAnglesXYZ(a,b,c) *,y,z)


function mesh(mesh, parent, x, y, z, type)

mesh.Parent = parent

mesh.Scale =, y, z)

mesh.MeshType = type


Actually, the script of Grab Knife V1 above is not complete. If you want to find out the complete scripts of Grab Knife V1, you can visit the official website of Pastebin by following the instructions mentioned before. Aside from the full script, in the same page, you will also able to find the RAW script of Grab Knife V1. In the end, you can just paste and copy the script or download it first.

If you have any question regarding the script of Grab Knife on Pastebin, you can address your question to Pastebin. Aside from that, the community of Roblox, especially the one relating to Grab Knife, can be such a good source of information for you. You can ask the members of the community about the question in your head.

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