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In Roblox, you are able to buy any hats that you want as long as you have enough Robux. There are a lot of funny or even cool hats that you can choice to be worn by your avatar on Roblox. Now, the question is that is it possible to make hat by ourselves? If it is possible, there must be a hat maker. So, what is it?

You are able to try to make hats on Roblox and you can do it by using Roblox Studio. As you can see that Roblox Studio is a place where you are able to created 3D world and there you are able to use the tools for making games or element for games on Roblox. On Youtube, you are able to watch some video tutorials of how to make hats on Roblox. Some of those videos are How To Make Your Own Hat On Roblox!!! (2018) which was uploaded by Polarized, (Free!) How to Design Your Own Roblox Hat which was published by NicsterV, Create Your Own Roblox Hats | Make Millions? by ThatKidEvan and many more.

In the video of NicsterV, you are able to see that he makes a hat by starting to access catalog and choose Retro Disc Jokey Headphones. Then, you will have to access Roblox Studio and also a painting program such as Paint.Net. After you did several things, you can see that the headphones turn into orange with R logo in the ear parts.

Actually, hats and some other accessories can only be created by Roblox and some developers. However, you are able to visit some forums such as Quora and you will find some threads about it. In one of the threads in Quora about posting hats, a person said that for now only Developers with Roblox which have experience with 3D modeling who can make and post hats which means also to make hats. In addition, Roblox have stated that they will add UGCC which is User Generated Catalog Creators in 2019 to 2020.

So, now in Roblox there is this UGC which enables Roblox players to be able to make and sell their own items and one of them is hat. UGC was released on August 15th, 2019 to certified users on the site. Before it was released, Roblox confirmed that this feature will only be allowed to certain users at first. When they have the ability to make, post and sell it, they can input the customized descriptions, Robux prices, genres and many more details as they want.

Before the existence of UGC, you are not able to make Hats in Roblox. The only items that you can make and sell are pants and shirts. But, now Roblox introduce UGC feature where everyone in Roblox can also make accessory and for now it is hat. However, as you can read above that for now only certain Roblox developers/ players who can create and post it. If you want to know how to use UGC, you are able to watch some video tutorials on Youtube.

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