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Roblox Developer Library consists of the collection of freely available packages, decals, audio, and plugins that you are able to use in order to help create the game of the dreams. Please take a note that unlike clothing and gear, Roblox Developer Library items will not be able to be worn on your avatar. In order to access this section, you have to click on the Library tab from within the Create page of the account which is located in the blue bar at the top of the site.

When the first time you enter the Roblox Developer Library, you will be presented with the list of the new items. If you want, you are able to simply browse the selections presented to you, but if you are looking for something in specific, you are able to search by keyword or title using the Search box located at the top of the page. Aside from that, you are also allowed to browse the other categories using the menu on the left of the screen.

Can you narrow down your choices? Fortunately, the answer to the question is yes. Once you have chose the category or used the Search bar, you are able to narrow the search using the applicable filters such as Type, Genre (Building, Horror, Town and City, Military, Comedy, Medieval, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Naval, FPS, RPG Sports, Fighting, and Western), and Creators.

Roblox Developer Library has three models. The first one is Decals. Decals can be defined as the name of the texture that is placed on one of the sides of the Part it is parented to. There is another API similar to Decal named Texture that does the same thing as a Decal. The difference is that instead of making the decal bigger as the BasePart gets bigger, it duplicates the image as the Part gets bigger. When submitted, the thing called Decal has to be reviewed before it is available. You are allowed to create the Decals by going to the tab named “Decals”, which can be found under the Develop section. When you are there, you can use the “choose File” button in order to find the picture that you want to use. It will add the decal to your account the moment you click “Upload”. Decals are able to be used in the Roblox Studio and even some games like Welcome to Bloxburg that accept searching and copy and paste for decals, that is able to be used for pictures.

The second one is Audios. Audios are offered by Roblox to the Roblox developers as the ways to make the games immersive and dynamic. Basically, all the Roblox players are able to add the audios to the places as the background music, narration, sound effects, and many more.

The third one is Plugin. Plugin is known as the main object responsible for creating the basic studio widgets. This one is the custom add on to Roblox Studio that adds the new behavior and features that are not normally included.

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