How to Donate Robux without Builders Club

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You want to donate some Robux to your friend in Roblox but your friend does not have Builders Club membership. Whereas, donating Robux to friends on Roblox needs Builders Club membership. So, how to donate Robux without Builders Club? It is possible to do that?

Having Builders Club on Roblox gives Roblox users a lot of advantages and one of them is the ability to donate Robux to other Roblox players. So, it is better for you to have Builders Club so that everything will be easy to do and you will get extra advantages.

If you and your friend have Builders Club, you are able to donate Robux easily. You can do this by using Trading System. If you want to do that, you have to go to the profile of the receiver and then tap on the three dots that is located in the upper right hand corner near his of her username and other information. Clicking it will open up a menu for you. Then, find and click on Trade Items and on the window that opens up, you are able to choose the amount of Robux that you want to transfer. For your information, this process will ask you transaction fees of 30% on every transaction. Now, after you have done a trade, you have to submit it and you will get a notification via a private message about the trade.

Is it possible to donate some Robux to other players without Builders Club? The answer is possible. How to do that? First method that you can do to donate Robux without Builders Club is through having a group. You have to make a group and then try to collect an amount of Robux for your group funds. After that, make your friend who needs Robux join to the group and payout the group funds. But, if you use this method, you as the owner of a group needs to have Builders Club because one of the conditions of creating a group is you need to have Builders Club membership. So,if you want to use this method and you want to donate Robux, you need to have Builders Club but your friend who will receive Robux do not need to have it.

Second method to donate Robux without Builders Club is that you can do it by getting a middleman who has Builders Club membership and also a group. By doing this, you have to ask your friend who will receive Robux to join the group of the middleman. After that, you have to buy items in the group so that the payment of your purchase will be directed to group funds. Then, you are able to ask the group to donate the Robux from group funds to your friend that needs Robux. This way is a little bit complicated but you can do it if the group owner want to do it.

So, from the methods above, having Builders Club is very important in Roblox. Even if you want to donate or receive donation, you need Builders Club so that the process will be easier.

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