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For all the Roblox developers, there was the tab called Develop tab on Roblox. However, this one has gone now. Is it really really gone? Fortunately, the answer to the question is no. Please keep reading the article to know the details of the news.

The Roblox Develop tab is not gone. Roblox just changed the name of the tab in order to encourage more Roblox users to make content on the platform. Roblox found that “create” is more accessible to the bigger portion of the audience and they found supporting evidence to this as the part of the test. Aside from that, it is also the better description of what they empower users to do so. Please take a note that Roblox is not rebranding developers as creators or anything similar.

The Create tab is the name of the page on the official website of Roblox that allows the Roblox players to see the games, the shirts, the pants, the models, the ads and the decals of the users, as well as the Developer Exchange. This one allows the players to see on the game if the place is public or private, the number of place visits from the last 7 days, and the total of the place visits, the edit button that can only be used from Roblox Studio, and the drop down menu that allows the user configure the place. Aside from that, there is also the view on how the player wants to see the places recently updated shows the new places that have been edited, total visitors show how many visits the player got in total (showing highest to lowest), and the last 7 days shows how many visits the player got in a week.

The develop page displays some things such as games, models, universes, badges, gamepasses, audio, animators, user ads, sponsored games, shorts, t-shirts, plugins, and sets. This one only display the items that user has created and it allowes the users to see how many of the item has been sold, and when it was last updated. You are also allowed to edit the games in the Develop page and view the drop down menu of the other game configurations.

These paragraphs consist of the information about the Developer Exchange. The Developer Exchange of DevEx in short, can be described as the program made by Roblox. This one allows the user with a lot of earned Robux to exchange it for the real money. It can only convert Robux into USD and not allowed to exchange into the other currencies.

Developer Exchanges can also refer to the section of the website that lets the Roblox users to use the program, that section of the website is the tab on the Developer page . A user of Roblox has to meet some criteria to be able to use the Developer Exchange, including being the Outrageous Builders Club member, having the verified email address, having the valid PayPal account, being the community member in the good standing, and being 13 years of age or older.

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