How to Trade on Roblox Mobile 2020

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In Roblox, there is a Trading System. It can be used to trade on Roblox Mobile 2020. This one is an awesome feature for users with the membership that allows them to exchange Limited or Limited U items and Robux with the other members. Both players will also have to own the feature enabled inside of the Privacy tab of their Account Settings page.

In order to the Trading System, the first thing that you have to do is to go to the player profile that you want to trade with. Once you are on their profile page, you need to clock the button that looks like three dots located in the upper right corner of the box that contains their username and friends or follower information. On the menu that shows up, please select Trade Items. After doing all the steps, a window will open showing the available items that you and the other player have to trade.

Then, you need to hover your mouse over an item in order to reveal either an Add to Offer button (your items) or Request button (their items) that is able to be used to include it in the exchange. Beside, you are also able to choose to sweeten the deal by including some additional Robux. Before anything, please keep in mind that there will be a 30% transaction fee removed should the offer be accepted.

Do not forget that the amount of Robux cannot exceed 50% of the current offer, calculated after the transaction fee is removed. For instance, if you offer the item that is worth 300 Robux, you are not able to add more than 150 Robux post transaction fee to the offer. Once you have built the trade to your liking, you are able to submit it. For your information, submitting the new trade will notify the player through the private message.

Viewing the pending offer will open a window allowing the player to accept or decline the trade. Basically, if a player does not want to accept the current offer and wants to change it by asking for different or more items or Robux, they are able to choose to click the Counter button.

There are three trade options. The first one is Accept. Clicking Accept button will redirect you to a screen that asks you if you really do know if you want to complete the trade, clicking “Yes” will give you items that you will get and the items you give to the requester. Beside, it will also be archived into your Completed trades. The second one is Counter. this one will redirect you to the trade window, countering the request of your trade partner will replace the trade and leave he requester a trade inbound, it is useful to change the circumstances to even the trade. The third one is Decline. This one will redirect you to a message that asks you if you want to reject the trade, clicking “Yes” will archive the trade into the Inactive trades.

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