How to Operate Tanning Beds in Boho Salon

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Boho Salon is a game in Roblox which is about making people beautiful and have good appearance same as salon in real life. So, if you want to work as a beautician on Roblox, you are able to play this game and apply for a job there.

If you work in this game, you will have to be able to operate the tools which are related to the job. If you work in Boho Salon and then you have to operate Tanning Beds, you have to know how to operate it so that you do not make any mistakes and can serve the customers well. In real life, if you want to make your body tan, you have to go to a local tanning salon and then you have to ask about the tanning options that they offer. The beautician may use a low or medium pressure tanning bed so that the customer will receive a natural looking tan. For your information, low and medium pressure tanning beds can emit UVB rays in a spectrum which is the same as natural sunlight. Then, lay in a high pressure tanning bed to get a long lasting tan. Then, the customer will stand in a vertical tanning booth to get a quick and even tan.

When position the body’s customer, you as a beautician or staff will go over the tanning process with the customer. Then, you have to locate the countdown timer for the tanning session. After that, the customer will have to lay on the back inside the tanning bed with arms and legs spread. Now, bend the knees to avoid getting tan lines on the back of upper thighs.

Now, how to operate this tanning machine on the Boho Salon game on Roblox? First, if you want to give service to the customer on Boho Salon, you have to say hi to her and then touch the player’s card with your tablet to start scan. In the video of Zehce TheRobloxian entitled [Roblox Boho Salon] Working the Tanning Machines! (Learning), you are able to see that after you as a staff register the customer, then you have to invite them to follow you to the tanning machine. In this step, you have to remind the customer that they have to put away their card. If you want to interact with them, you have to press F. Then, the customer has to lay down on the tanning machine and then you have to close the cover. Wait for several seconds and then you will see that the skin of the customer change into the color that they want.

In the video, he does not know what to do so that he enter himself into the tanning machine and then find his skin darker after he is in the tanning machine for several seconds. So, to know how to operate the tanning machine in Boho Salon, it is better for you to visit the game and then explore by yourself so that you will be able to know what you have to do.

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