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The existence of Roblox Studio allows you to be able to create your own games. In a game, usually you will need to add some elements such as grass, forest, stone, river, mountain, and many others. Now, how to create water in Roblox? Is it easy to make water in Roblox Studio?

Water or terrain water in Roblox is a type of material in high scalability. It means that it is used in Terrain. It is same as other Terrain materials, exploits can be used to ruin places by flooding the place. It is also able to be used in boat ride games or decoration in Personal Servers like pools, oceans, fountains and waterfalls. Water in Roblox is used in the Terrain Generator script plugin as well. Terrain water is used in several games because it is easier using terrain water than scripting custom water. The smooth terrain water which is new is not cubic but instead it is much smoother as the name indicates.

As a player, you are able to swim in the water unless you are wearing too many accessories. If you wear no accessories, it will allow you to automatically float upwards. But, it you wear 1 accessory, it will slowly sink your you and if you wear more accessories, it will make you difficult to swim upward without jumping.

Water Properties

The properties of water are able to be found and edited under the Terrain class. Here are the details.

  • WaterColor : It can change the color of water and it affects the whole game. The default color is (12, 84, 91)
  • WaterTransparency : It can increase or decrease the transparency of the water. If you set 0, it is completely opaque and if you set 1, it is transparent.
  • WaterWaveSize : It can increase the height of waves. If you set 0, it makes waves non existent and if you set 1, it is the highest possible.
  • WaterWaveSpeed : It can increase the speed of waves. The range is from 0 which is water is completely static, to 100 which is water moves at 100 studs/ seconds.

Making Water in Roblox

Now, how to make water in Roblox? Here we serve the steps for you.

  • First, open Roblox Studio and then click on Terrain and then click on Add.
  • In the Add menu, you can select the size, strength and also the shape.
  • It is important for you to click Snap to Grid so you know where you have to insert your water.
  • After that, still in Add menu exactly in Material section, you have to click on Water. For shape, you can click on either square or leave it as a sphere.
  • Then, if you want to show whether it works, you are able to click on Play to demonstrate the water on Roblox Studio.

Making water in Roblox Studio is very easy, right? You are able to watch some video tutorials about it to make you understand more about how to create water in Roblox. So, you can try it now and good luck!

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