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Now, you may be exploring Roblox and now you are confused because you do not know how to remove tool from Backpack but you need to do this. Well, we are going to inform you about it. So, make sure that you can read this article until the end.

If you want to know about this, actually you are able to visit In this site, there are questions page where you are able to find some problems with solutions. In the Question page of this site, you are able to find a question about how to remove tools that may or may not be in the backpack of Player. Well, this question is the same as what you need now, right?

In that site, someone says that basically he ha this Roles GUI which gives a player a tool and removes the others. He has been experimenting with code such as this:

for _, v in pairs(players:GetChildren()) do

if AvantixMobileFind then


elseif DispatchBatonFind then


elseif WhistleFind then




However, it does not work. Then, another person try to help him and says that the final version of he code must be like this.

local ServerStorage =

game:GetService(“ServerStorage”) local DispatchRoleGUI =

ServerStorage.OverheadRolesGUI.DispatchRole local GuardRoleGUI =

ServerStorage.OverheadRolesGUI.GuardRole local DriverRoleGUI =


To know more about explanation about this, you are able to access Devforum site and find this Question there. There, you will be able to see the discussion about it so that you can understand more what you have to do.

In Scripting Helpers site, you are also able to see a Question entitled How to Remove Everything In The Player Backpack. In that site, someone asks about it and he want to make it so that it will remove all the things in a players backpack. The script that he has is

for i, v in pairs(game.Players:GetPlayers()) do

w= v.Backpack:GetChildren()

for i = 1, #w do




It looks like it only removes one of the items if that helps. Then, the other participants try to answers it.

They say that first, you need to know that remove is depreciated. Destroy is preferred. It could be a problem since there is anything else wrong. So, they says that that there is no anything wrong with the script above. It is removing all tools/ hopperbins in everyones backpack though and this script may be helped. You can check the complete script below in the Scripting Helpers site in the section of the Question that we mention above because in below is just the part of the script.

for i, v in pairs(game.Players:GetChildren()) do –Get all children of players

Backpack = v:FindFirstChild(“Backpack”, true)

So, if you want to remove everything in the backpack of the players, you are able to use the first script above of Scripting Helpers because it is actually there is no wrong with it. But, if it cannot work, you can use the script above. If you find some problem or you need some other information related to it, you can access Scripting Helpers or DevForum site.

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