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Line Battles are the most exciting thing to do in the game of Blood and Iron. Not only that, Sometimes once you are facing other classes that can easily mess up your line, Line battles can become frustraiting to conduct.

When you come to this page, you may want to find out the information about Line Battles controls. Is it alright? If you want to find out the information about Line Battles controls, apparently you are at the right page as here we are going to share it now.



  • W – Forward
  • A – Left
  • S – Backward
  • D – Right
  • Mouse – Turning
  • C – Crouch

You cannot move while in this state, but you are able to hide behind cover more effectively.


Note: Holding these 2 buttons in game for more than 3 seconds will cause the player’s character to suicide. (If in a round.)

  • N – Main menu
  • M – Equipment menu



  • Left click – Cocking the gun, Firing the gun.
  • Right click – Aiming. (You can still cock a gun but it is slower to do.)
  • R – Reloading. All weapons in the game only have 1 shot so it must be reloaded after 1 shot.
  • X – Readying the bayonet. Line infantry musket only.


  • Left click – Attacking.
  • Right click – Blocking.
  • X – Marching stance. Sometimes this will give the player a movement speed buff. Then, this cannot attack while in this stance. It only works for swords, sabres, hand-axes, lances, and pikes.


Sapper’s Controls:

For note: These controls both apply to Hammer and Shovel.

  • Left click – Construction, Deconstruction.
  • Pressing X – this is going to switch from construction or deconstruction to the other.
  • Right click – this will open building menu.

Musical Instruments:

For note: These controls apply to all musical instruments.

  • Left click – Stop the current song.
  • Right click – Select a song to play.

Officer’s tool:

For note: There is only one tool; Spyglass.

  • Right click – zooms in.
  • Artillery’s Tools:


  • Left click – Cleaning cannon and ramming shot.
  •  Interaction (E) – Grabbing shot out of the box.
  • Left Click – Loading shot into the cannon.
  •   F – Shooting the cannon


There are some extra tips for the less obvious details and inner workings of the game. If you want to know that information, please read the text below.

  • The player’s character is going to stop moving if they are aiming or cocking the gun (except with the pistol that instead lowers the user’s walk speed).
  • Musical Instruments, Colour (Flag) and Officer give buffs. Please reloading speed up in their respective order.
  • The attack stance of a weapon is determined mainly on where the user moves their mouse. Ex: The player is going to have a sword stance of right if the player moves his mouse to the right.

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