How to Get the KCAB EMOC T’NOD DNA HSARC I Fi DNA Badge + the Atrocity Skin in Bear

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KCAB EMOC T’NOD DNA HSARC I FI DNA was a badge from the Cheese Factory map. It is no longer obtainable without exploiting. If you want to get the KCAB EMOC T’NOD DNA HSARC I Fi DNA Badge and the Atrocity Skin, of course you need to be on the Cheese factory map. We suggest you to get this badge as bear because its way is very easy.

At the first step to get them is make your way to the entrance of the Cheese Factory. You spawn there if you are a survivor. After that, you need to jump onto the window ledge and pick up the ID Card Survivors need to get another player to jump boot them up. Then, you are able to go to on the second floor of the factory. You need to use the ID Card to open this door and press the button. Now, you need to press a second button that is hidden under a conveyor belt.

Please go back to the basement where Bear spawned. A secret room opens up when both buttons are pressed. In this step, you are able to push the purple button and follow the arrows that appear. Afterwards, you need to jump over the fence. Bear can simply jump over it. The survivors have to do something different to get over. Please jump on the tree and walk into the wall. You should be able to walk through it. If you done everything properly. Make sure you sprint.

Now, you know the way to get KCAB EMOC T’NOD DNA HSARC I FI DNA and the Atrocity Skin. You are able to try getting them. To make you more understand about its way, well we want to explain it once again. To get the badge, the players need to go to the second floor and place the ID card into a door, for revealing a button. Then, the player must press another button under a table. Next, a secret room will open up where Bear usually spawns. After that, the player need to press a button, and go back outside and jump. The next step, the player need to jump the trees and walls. After the player done correctly, so the player will go through and obtain the badge along with the Atrocity skin.

For your information, the Atrocity is a skin that can be unlocked on the Cheese Factory map. It is no longer obtainable without exploiting. The bear was created by Gruss0. It also makes weird static noises once being near it. This bear also seems to be a distorted and redder. It appears to be melted, and a wire seems to be coming out of its leg. Besides, this Bear also happens for changing color whenever moving. When standing still, it is orange. But, when moving, it is going to flash between green and blue

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