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When you are in Roblox, you may find some certain words and you do not know what they are. You do not understand because in Roblox there are some terms which are only understood by Roblox community. If you want to understand it, you need to learn it.

Now, what is disc? You may have seen something saying ‘get the disc’. Well, the word disc can mean anything. If you search about a game entitled How to Get the Disc in Roblox, you will be able to find these games in Roblox.

  • How to Get Disc. This game was created by odb on September 29th, 2018 and the last update was on July 27th, 2019. This game is able to be played by 10 maximum players in each server and now it has been visited 274 times and favorited 2 times.
  • How to Join The Disc. There is also this game which was created by Nosadfaces Fan Group on May 5th, 2018 and when this article was being created, the last update was on January 14th, 2020. This game is able to be played by 10 maximum players in each server and now it has been visited more than 1.3k times and has been favorited 12 times.

If you are curious with this games, you are able to try to visit them and play the games. So, the disc in the games above seems something that you need to get.

So, what are the meanings of ‘disc’ in Roblox? If in the games above, ‘disc’ seems something that you need to get, find or join. But, if you talk with others and then they say ‘you can click in the disc below’ or ‘you can join the disc’, so what are the meaning of these disc words? ‘Disc’ can have various meanings. First, ‘disc’ can mean Discord. Disc is able to be a short for Discord. Roblox players may promote their Discord in chat, message, group or forum and they easily say ‘you can join with my Disc’. So, the word ‘disc’ here means Discord. Or maybe you find people say ‘how to get the disc?’, it can mean that they are trying to look for the ways to join Discord.

Second, ‘disc’ can mean Description. You may see this term in a group in Roblox or in a Roblox video in Youtube. They will say ‘you are able to get the link in the disc’. So, the word ‘disc’ here means ‘description’. But, the most people make a short of ‘description’ as ‘desc’.  So, knowing the certain terms in a community is important so that you will not misunderstanding it. Some other words that you need to know about Roblox terms are Oders which is Online Daters, PG which is Password Guessed, Bypass which describes any assets in Roblox that violates Roblox Community Rules, Comped which is Compromised and some other words.

Well, that’s all the things that we can give related to how to get the disc. If you want to play the games in Roblox entitled How to Get The Disc, you can play them. Now, you also know the meaning of Disc in Roblox so hopefully you will not misunderstanding it anymore.

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