How to Add Your Gift Card in Roblox on Phone

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All this time, you may redeem the gift card in your PC browser. It is very easy to redeem code of card in PC. However, can we do this on our phone? You may think that redeeming codes of gift card will be easier if you can do that in your hand. But, is it possible?

If you want to redeem game cards on PC, there are some steps that you have to do. You may often do this and here are the steps.

  • The first step that you have to do is to log into your Roblox account on a browser.
  • Then, you have to access the Game Card Redemption Page.
  • Now, you need to enter the PIN from the Game Card.
  • After entering the PIN, you have to choose Redeem to add the Credit or Robux to your account.
  • If the process is successful, then you will receive a message which says that adding the Credit to your account is successful.
  • In this step, you have to click Use Credit to use your credit.

If you still have another card, you are able to click Close to close the message and then redeem another game card that you have. When you are redeeming a game card and then you are having trouble where the PIN contains a 0 or a 1, you are able to try replacing these with the uppercase letters O and I.

That’s all the steps to redeem the game card in PC. How to redeem the gift card on phone? Actually, the steps are almost the same. You will have to browse Roblox through your browser in your phone. Here are the steps that you are able to follow to add the codes of gift card/ game card through phone.

  • First, open your internet browser and access
  • There will be words saying Redeem Roblox Cards and under it, there is a box saying Enter PIN code. So, you are able to enter the PIN of your gift card there.
  • After you enter the PIN, now you have to tap on the Redeem button.

On Youtube, there are some video tutorials about how to redeem gift card on phone. But, some videos may be released in several years ago, so the look of Roblox is a little bit different with now. Here are some videos that you are able to watch to know how to redeem the Gift Card of Roblox in Phone.

  • A video of RedNWhiteFox J entitled How To Add Your Gift Card in Roblox On Phone which was uploaded on January 7th, 2018.
  • A video of Ayeeciara entitled How to Redeem Roblox Cards On Mobile (Roblox) which was uploaded on January 4th, 2019.

Now, you are not only able to redeem the gift card on PC but also on your phone. So, you are able to try it now and if you find something difficult, you are able to open the articles of Roblox in Help section of Roblox site.

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