How to Change Roblox Resolution

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Do you play Roblox but you does not feel pleased as the resolution of the screen is bad? Then, change your Roblox resolution. Playing game with the full screen gives another sensation. Some people think it is even better if you are playing in the dark room with the maximum volume.

Actaully, full screen mode is there in every setting of the game. Unfortunately, not everyone knows where to find this kind of mode.  How to go full screen mode. Some games might be error when you are trying to change in to the resolution. This kind of issue can happen due to the bugs or the incorrect settings in one of the part of the system. What about Roblox? Can you change the resolution of Roblox?

You are able to change the Roblox resolution. Here are some methods that you can try to change it:

  1. Setting in the Graphics Settings

Some people might do not know how to change the Roblox resolution when in fact it is quite easy. First of all, you need to open Roblox. Then, open Options. Next, please find Display Settings or Graphics Settings. Once you found it, look for Full Screen and change it to ON. In case you cannot find it, a game usually has two settings. The first one is the inside setting and the second one is the outside setting. If you cannot find in the inside one, then please look for one in the outside one. you can openthe folder when you installed the game.

  1. Maximized setting in Shortcut

When a game like Roblox is installed, there is a pop up menu that asks you whether you want to show the shortcut in the desktop or not. If you want to go full screen, you can try to right click Roblox shortcut > click Properties > go to Shortcut tab > change the Run to Maximized.

  1. Editing the regedit

There is a regedit setting that you can try to make change the resolution of Roblox. First, in the Search Windows, type “Regedit” and open it. Another way that you can do is to click Windows + R > type “Regedit” and click OK. Second, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > SYSTEM – ControlSet001 > Control > Graphics Drivers > Configuration. Third, you will some a lot of folders. Please click the first one. Fourth, open Folder 00 and open Folder 00 below it (twice). Fifth, see the right side, Scaling > double click the code > change the number in to 3, and choose hexadecimal and click OK. Fifth, restart the computer.

  1. Using the app named Fullscreenizer

Fullscreenizer is the name of the app to change the windowed in to full screen. in order to use this app, the first thing that you have to do is to open the app named Fullscreenizer. Then, open the game that you want to change the resolution. In this case, it is Roblox. After that, open the app and click Roblox and then click Fullscreenizer.

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