How I Use the Treasure Maps in One Piece Final Roblox

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Do you like watching One Piece animation series? If so, you may also like playing One Piece game on Roblox. On Roblox, there are some games about One Piece such as One Piece Treasure by Aburtz, BETA One Piece: Final and some more. But in this chance, we are going to explain about BETA One Piece: Final.

BETA One Piece: Final is a game on Roblox which was created by DeltaDok on October 9th, 2016. When this article was being created, this game was last updated on June, 26th, 2019. This game cane be played by 2 maximum players in each server and it is categorized into an Adventure genre. Until now, this game has been visited more than 5.7 million times with more than 65K favorites and more than 19K likes.

In this game, you will be in a world which is dangerous, mysterious, strict and even exciting. You can find full of adventures and battles as well. Now, in this game you are able to level up which is fixed. Current cap is460 and it will be increased in the comming Grand Line update. If you want to spawn the boat, you have to be near the water and make sure that there are no objects in front of you. If you want to get the new weapons, you have to buy the Grand Line Chest from NPC with the chest icon. In the game, you will find 39 weapons with own ultimates, 17 devil fruits which include Ryu Ryu no Mi, model: Spinosaurus and Hana Hana no Mi.

Is there any game passes that we are able to buy in this game? Of course, there are some game passes that you are able to buy in this game. Those game passes are [Colorable Weapon Effects] which costs R$ 490, [Support] which costs R$ 100, [Chest VIP] which costs R$ 1250, [Devil Fruit Notifier] which costs R$ 2890 and [Mink Race] which costs R$ 650.

Now, you may have a question about how to use the treasure maps in One Piece Final Roblox. Well, if you want to know about that, you are able to ask other Roblox players who also play One Piece Final game on Roblox. You are able to ask about it also in forums or groups. Usually in a forum or group, people will help you. The first group that you can join is One Piece: Final Chapter by DeltaDok which now has more than 7.2K members.

Watching some videos about this game can also he helpful. Some videos on Youtube that you are able to watch about One Piece Final is a video of iBeMaine entitled New One Piece Adventure Begins | One Piece Final Chapter in Roblox| iBeMaine, a video of Infernasu entitled [Code] How To Level Up Fast | One Piece: Final Chapter 2, a video of Cakelyn and Osy entitled Roblox One Piece Final Chapter Secret DF Location, a video of Honest Inf entitled Roblox| Devilfruit Spawns One Piece Final Chapter, a video of HunterGodSlayer entitled Top 3 Devil Fruit Spawns Location| One Piece Treasure| How To Get A Devil Fruit| Secret Hidden Is and many more.

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