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The term “bypassed” can be defined as the sound engineering term. This one is also known as source direct or tone defeat. It is like a feature on a piece of audio equipment which will allow the audio effect such as bass and treble controls to be bypassed, leaving the sound unaltered by the equipment.

Aside from that, the term “bypassed” also can be described as something that does not get banned. If you talk about the song or the audio bypassed, it means those songs and audio are the ones that do not get banned. For those the Roblxo players who want some audio to play that are the songs that do not get banned, here are some bypassed Roblox IDs that you can use.

The first one is 175538085. This one is the bypassed Roblox ID for Look At Me by XXXTENTACION. It is the debut single of the rapper that was premiered on December 30, 2015 on the Soundcloud account owned by rojas before initially being released for the digital download as the single on January 29, 2016.

The second one is 207516758. This one is the bypassed Roblox ID for the song named Despacito. It is the Mtc mix (uncencored) one. Despacito is the name of the song by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee. This one sounds like a reggae song that talks about the act of having sexual intercourse, moving slowly on the rhythm and dual attraction between the male and the female for who the song is written.

The third one is 685388224. This one is the bypassed Roblox ID for Believer by a band called Imagine Dragon. The story of the song is about the story of Dan Reynolds that has grown up in the Mormon household all of his life. This man always understood and followed the church well, but has wrestled with the faith from very early on. Then, the guy had the revelation once he married his wife about the LGBT Community and started getting letters talking about how they loved his music despite the homophobic tendencies of the religion. Aside from that, he also suffered from depression from the very early age.

Some other bypassed Roblox IDs are 841887920 for Goosebumps (Fake intro), 1365603194 for Kill Yourself Fucker, 11298826853 for Hot Nigga, 903283990 for Thot Detected (False intro), 1489209074 for Pink Guy Stfu, 333937658 for S3RL Masturbate to Cartoons Different Heaven remix (uncensored), 701532161 for Pewdiepie Outro 2 (uncensored), 947742704 for Napalm, 581118861 for Clapping (not necessarily a bypass), 1121928530 for I Don’t Want It All, 413625451 for Alone, 910717216 for Sorry not Sorry, 1007872698 for Jocelyn Florest, 132826277 for Radioactive, 1679110867 for Lipgloss, and many more.

Feel free to use the baypassed Roblox ID that you want. In the future, some of the bypassed Roblox IDs mentioned above might get banned. In this case, please keep updating so you will not use the banned songs as you will not able to get the result that you want. You can update the information through Roblox community.

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