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For those who love to play the game called Welcome to Bloxburg on Roblox and are looking for the ID of the Bloxburg menu, here is the information about it. Please read every word slowly so there will be no mistake.

The first ID of Bloxburg menu is 1596066092. This one was created by LVINABIQUEXO. The menu divided into seven categories. Those are foods, salads, soups, desserts, drinks, smoothies, and milkshakes. The foods include hotdog ($5), Bacon n eggs ($10), Mac n cheese ($10), tacos ($15), hamburger ($15), pizza ($30), and turkey ($6). The salads include garden salad ($5) and caesar salad ($10). The soups include vegetable soup ($8), beep stew ($20), and chili ($12). The smoothies include fruit smoothies ($10) and super smoothies ($10). The desserts include ice cream ($10), cake ($40), pumpkin pie ($20), and apple pie ($25). The drinks include bloxiade ($5), Bloxy cola ($5), water ($3), grape juice ($5), and orange juice ($5).

The second ID of Bloxburg menu is 1594794964. This one was created by HeyyatLilly. It divides into The menu divided into some categories. Those are salads (garden salad and caesar salad), soups ( vegetable soup, chill, and beef stew), desserts (apple pie, pumpkin pie, Chocolate cake, and fruit (apple, banana, grapes)), snacks (hot dogs, cookies, potato chips, hotmeal, and yogurt), breakfast (bacon and eggs, pancakes, and toast), lunch or dinner (hamburgers, pizza (1 slice), spaghetti and meatballs, turkey, and mac and cheese), drinks (water, milk, grape juice, orange juice, hot chocolate, fruit smoothie, strawberry milkshake, vanilla milkshake, super smoothie, and chocolate milkshake).

The third one is 1596073285. The menu for this ID is divided into some. The main course consists of hotdogs ($7), tacos ($14), burgers ($20), pizza $26, chili ($12), spaghetti and meatballs ($34), and porkshops ($38). The hot drinks consist of tea ($3) and coffee ($3). The soups consist of vegetable soup ($7) and beef stew ($17). The salads consist of garden salad ($6) and caeser salad ($30). The breakfast menu consists of outmeal ($6), mac n cheese ($6), bacon n eggs ($8), and pancakes ($10). The desserts and drinks consist of cookies ($15), apple pie ($30), pumpkin pie ($44), blox tart ($6), yogurt ($6), toast $5), water (free), grape and orange juice ($4), fruit smoothie ($6), super smoothie ($7), strawberry shake ($7), vanilla shake ($7), and chocolate shake ($7)

Feel free to use any ID of the Bloxburg menu that you want. if you want to find out more ID of the Bloxburg menu, you can look for it on the platform called Youtube. There are a lot of videos that share the content of Bloxburg menu ID. Each ID has different menu. Aside from that, you can also try to look for the information about the Bloxburg menu ID by joining the Roblox community. There might be the members of the community that share the information about it. In addition, you can also create the Bloxburg menu and share it later to the other Roblox players.

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