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Do you know the application that will support your game-play? Or have you used the support application to play game? If so, you have to know one of adorable applications for your game, especially Roblox that is totally used by many Roblox users.

Nowadays, there are tons of applications that you can use while playing your lovely game. One of them is Discord that is so popular among the Roblox users. Discord is an application that allows the users to chat, modern voice note, send video and many features that you can use. Most of inviting features in Discord that many users choose is to upload and send the cute Emoji to other users. As we know that Emoji can be a representative to image our feeling and emotions.

By using this application, certainly the users can be fun to upload and send the lovely Emoji to others. But, need to know when you want to upload an Emoji into Discord, you have to resize it before. It is because the Discord has a decisive size and the maximum amount of th Emoji. If you obey to the Discord rule, absolutely you can upload and send the Emoji to your friends.

Well, to make it easier, you have to resize the Emoji before uploading to the Discord. You are able to resize the Emoji up to 128 x 128 pixels. Then, you must know that this size will be resized to 32 x 32. Besides, you are allowed to upload up to 50 Emojis per server. So, the Emoji will be workable in the server that you are uploaded in.

To resize the Emoji larger, definitely you can do some steps. The first step, switch o the Emoji keyboard by using the Globe icon, then tap the Emoji to choose it. You can see the preview in the text field. Automatically, you can get that Emoji will be bigger, after that tap the blue ‘Up’ arrow to send them as iMessage. It is so simple, isn’t it? Need to know that the 3x Emoji only work as long as you choose only 1 to 3 Emojis. Actually, you can select 4 Emojis than the size will be back to normal.

Aside from that, to make an Emoji, you can visit some online Emoji makers such as PiZap and for free apps: Imoji and Bitmoji. You can use the PiZap by visiting the site, then click Start button to make an Emoji. Immediately, it will be some options, then you have to select the Emoji Maker. So, you can continue to make the Emoji as you love using this app.

However, there is a limit size of Discord that can contain for 8M for the files. So, before you share the Emoji in Discord, you are able to upgrade to the Nitro paid plan in order to have limit up to 50 MB. Need to know that the limit file to upload in Slack is an effective only 1 GB. For that reason, resize Emoji before uploading to Discord is totally a must for you.

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