Best Way of How to Donate Robux with or without BC

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Do you want to donate Robux to your friend in Roblox? Do you know how to donate Robux in Roblox? Or don’t you know how to donate Robux before? If all questions are true, definitely you have to keep staying on this page now.

As we know that Robux is a main currency of Roblox in which its existence is totally important for all Roblox players. However, Roblox is a growing platform for gamers that allow the users to buy and sell of the games and the items by using currency Robux. Which make the Roblox so interesting to play is to provide the users for interactions among users and enjoying the favorite games by buying and selling the game passes.

So, to make the users more comfortable to play Roblox, indeed Robux can be donated into other users. To donate the Robux to your friends, definitely you are able to do two best ways: with BC or without BC. Many Roblox users prefer to use both of the ways to donate Robux. Certainly, the two ways are totally different. What makes these two ways different in donating Robux? Well, we will share each of these ways below!

How to Donate Robux with BC

The first way that you can do in donating Robux is with BC (Builder Club). Unfortunately, lots of users do not feel satisfied by using this way. It is because there is no a way to donate Robux directly to other members. To donate Robux with BC, of course there must be a sales transaction first. Donating Robux can be successful if the others sell the Roblox items such as T-shirt, shirt, accessories or other stuff, then you should buy it. If you take this way, the other members will receive Robux in the form of 70% profit from the sale of the Roblox items or any stuff being purchased or sold.

How to Donate Robux Without BC

In fact, many Roblox users are looking for the best way of how to donate Robux without BC. Unfortunately, there is no way to donate Robux with no BC easier and directly. To donate Robux without BC, you have to need a third person who has a BC or a group. Then, you can ask him/her to add the person to whom the Robux will be donated. After that, the third person should create a purchase to buy some Roblox items and add the funds to the group. If the purchase is drone, the third person can ask to the group admin to pay the amount to the person whom you want to make a donation. Although this process is a bit longer than with BC, it totally needs to help users who do not have a BC. This way can be mentioned as a high solidarity among the Roblox users.

Well, doing both of the ways or choosing one of them is exactly an option for you. But, we emphasize if you have a Builder Club, donating Robux to the others is definitely easier than with no BC.

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