How to Find My Roblox ID

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The Roblox ID is a source of once the players, groups, assets or other Roblox items were created in relation to other items. The Roblox ID number is able to be seen at the URL on a user or Roblox item page. So, if you want to find your Roblox ID, you are able to see at the URL on your profile.

To calculate Roblox ID, the smaller Roblox ID number, so the longer item or the user has been on Roblox. Then, the longer the Roblox ID, so the shorter the Roblox item has been on Roblox. You have to remember that ID numbers are different by types, such as the places have their own IDs, and the user ID does not correspond with place ID.

For those who are new in Roblox, you may still be confuse with this. Simply, you are able to find your Roblox ID by clicking on your profile. If you click on these three lines, there it is going to show the sidebar and if you click on the profile, so this is going to take you to your profile page. Now, on the URL, you are able to see Roblox com slash users and then this will be your Roblox ID. If you want to find a user Roblox ID of somebody else, so you are able to find it by going to their profile. Click on their name and that will be their user ID on the URL.


At the top of a Roblox page, once visiting a user’s profile, commonly you are able to see a bunch of numbers. If not, you are going to see a picture with some text saying “Player cannot be found or no longer exists”. This is also well known as Error 404 that meaning the page is not found. This Error 400 also happens once you search players who are entirely wiped from Roblox like ID 31042685, known as “Noli” in pop culture of Roblox.

You have to remember that Player ID means that if someone joins Roblox and they are the 100th person, so their Player ID is 100. For your information, IDs in the catalog work differently. This means that if you go to a player’s ID like InceptionTime, his ID is 7733466 because he is the 7733466th person to sign up to the platform of Roblox. John Doe and Jane Doe have the IDs 2 and 3 because they were the second and third person to join the platform of Roblox. Another example of this is Lethal682 who is an intern at Roblox, he has a Player ID of 69468362 because he is the 69468362nd person to join in Roblox.


A similar logic as User/Player ID applies to items/assets or groups. But the logic is a bit different than User ID is because Item IDs, Audio IDs, Decal IDs, Model IDs and Group IDs are counted differently than user/Player IDs. In this example, if an item’s Asset ID is 2463671452, it is the 2463671452 asset to be created on Roblox platform.

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