Contemporary Family Villa 33k

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What house do you want to make in Bloxburg? There are a lot of designs that you can choose for your house in Bloxburg. If you have an idea for your house, you can implement it. If you want to make a contemporary family villa with only 33k, you need to watch a video tutorial from Cylito.

In Youtube, you are able to find a video tutorial of how to make a contemporary family villa 33k. The title of the video is Bloxburg: Contemporary Family Villa 33k which was published by Cylito on August 8th, 2017. Now, this video has been watched more than 375K times with more than 5.7 likes. In the video, you can see that firstly he makes the basic things namely walls, floors, door and roof. He also adds some windows and fences. In the minute of 4 and 9 seconds, he starts to adds the decorations in his house such as kitchen set, refrigerator, stove, and many more. He chooses to decorate the kitchen room first. Next, he goes to the front part of the house. He makes a garden and adds some trees there. After that, he goes back to the back part again. He adds stairs so that it can give the path to the second storey. But then, he seems to delete the previous things that he does such as everything in the kitchen, the storey and some other things. He redecorate it and try to add some bedrooms.

You are able to see the result of making this video at the end of the video. In the 9:11 minute, you can see the avatar do a tour in that room so that you can see the whole part of the villa. The villa design of the villa looks simple but nice enough for only 33k. If you also want to make the villa like this with only 33k, you can watch the video until the end. The duration of the video is 9 minutes 45 seconds.

If this is your first time in making a house in Bloxburg, you have to know that in Boxburg, you will be provided Build Mode so that you are able to buy any items for your house there. Build Mode is a catalog and in that catalog there are furniture and house amenities. If you want to enter Build Mode, you have to click your mailbox and then click on the Build Mode button or you can also click the house button on the bottom right of your screen when you are in Bloxburg.

In the Build Mode, you will find two section including Build and Decorate. In the Build section, there are basic things for your house such as door, fences, stairs, roof, pools, pillars, paths, mailboxes, floor, fireplaces, trash, garden, walls, windows and vehicles. In the Decorate section, there are things for decorating your house such as comfort, chairs, counters, curtains, decorations, households, carpets, cabinets, beds, appliances, electronics, instruments, storage, pool items, plumbing, lighting, training and tables. In each item, you can select many types of them. For example, if you want to buy a door, there are a wide variety of door types in the door section.

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