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What is Star code in Roblox? You have to know that the Roblox Star Code is a special code that you are able to get from a member of the Roblox Video Stars Program. Once you use a Star Code to support a Video Star, automatically it is going to earn 5% of the Robux purchase you make on the Roblox website.

Then, you are going to still receive the full amount of Robux you paid for, with the added bonus of knowing that you have already contributed to your favorite Video Star. You have to note that the Roblox Star Codes can only be applied to purchases on the official website of Roblox and are not available through the App. So, you have to ensure that you are going to apply the Roblox star codes on the official website of Roblox.

By the way, how to get the Star Codes in Roblox. For your information, there are two most common ways to get the Star Codes in Roblox. At the first way, you are able to get the Star Codes in Roblox by participating in member-exclusive offers you receive by email. Then, the second way, it is by purchasing specially marked Starbucks that products in the grocery stores. After you know these common ways to get the Star Codes in Roblox, so you are able to try it.

Talking about the star codes in Roblox, of course you may also want to know some codes for Roblox video stars. If you want to know the codes, so we are going to share some Roblox video stars codes in the text below.

  • PrestonMobile: Preston
  • Chrisandthemike: Christmas
  • PeetahBread: Peetah
  • AlvinBlox: AlvinBlox
  • Realrosesarered: Realroses
  • MatrixPlaysRB: Matrix
  • Linkmon99: Linkmon99
  • TootieFruity9000: Tootyfruit
  • SGC_Shane: ShanePlays
  • Terabyte Games: Brite
  • FunkySquad413: Funky
  • TheRoPo: RopoRoblox
  • DefildPlays: Defiled
  • BereghostGames: TheFGNCrew
  • TBNRwife: Brianna

In addition, here we are going also to explain how to use the star codes in Roblox.

  • Firstly, you have to enter a Star code associated with your favorite Roblox Video Star in the page of Robux purchase while you are completing the transaction.
  • Video Stars will be promoting your Star code on your Roblox profile, group pages and your social media.
  • Please, head to the Robux or Membership. In this step, you need to select the value you want to purchase. Then, you will be redirected to the payment method selection page.
  • Please select the payment type. There are some options of payment types; Credit Card, Debit Card, Paypal, and Redeem Roblox Card. In this step, you can click at Redeem Roblox Card.
  • To open the code entry window, so you have to enter your star code, and do not forget to press Validate.
  • Next, just click at the green “Continue” button.
  • When you have validated your star code, you will need to complete your purchase to see a confirmation.

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