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Bloxton Hotels training guide Roblox is the name of the guide for the trainer that will train the trainees of Bloxton Hotels. Here is the details of the guide. Please read everything and explain to the trainees later.

The first thing that you can do as a Bloxton Hotels trainer is to greet and welcome the trainees. Then, introduce yourself and tell them that you will be their trainer for that session. As a trainer, you will explain some vital things that the trainees must know at Bloxton Hotels. You can ask the trainees to not speak during the session and tell them that there will be a time for questions at the end.


The housekeeper has to make sure that the hotel is nice and tidy. They may also answer any questions that the guests may have. While cleaning a room, they need to open the shower curtains, turn off any running water and flush the toilet.


When the guest comes up, everyone at Bloxton Hotels should greet them in a friendly and welcoming way. Do not ever greet the guests with something informal. It is better to be polite and use the formal language.


There are four tools that will be received. Those include staff card, vacuum, spray bottle and trolley.

Staff Card

The staff card is the thing that will let one to enter any room in the hotel. As someone who works at Bloxton Hotels, they must ask for permission before going into a room. Do not use this opportunity to grant themselves or their friends free rooms. Doing so will lead a demotion or suspension.


Trolley cannot do anything. This one is more of a roleplaying tool.

Spray Bottle

The spray bottle is able to spray anything. Everyone at Bloxton Hotels should make sure to not abusing it by spraying constantly.


Whilst working at Bloxton Hotels, they will unfortunately run into trollers, exploiters, bypassers, or spammers. There is a system that can deal with those things. Apparently, the trollers will get III warnings whilst exploiters, bypassers, and mass spammers will get 0. When encounter an exploiter, hey need o get a security to cuff them and then call for someone on the group wall. If they meet a troller, they need to tell them to stop before handling out warnings. Once the troller has III warnings, they need to call an MR or HR.


In order make the MRs or HRs join, here that they can do:

Settings > Privacy > Who can join me in game? and set it to Everybody.

That training guide is actually for a house. As a Bloxton Hotels trainer, you also have to explain many things to some other positions such security, receptionist, bar, and so on. in order to find out the guide for those things, please visit the official website of Deviant Art. This one provides the information about the guide for the Bloxton Hotels trainer.

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