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Roblox ambassador badge is the name of a discontinued badge that was released on April 22, 2009 and discontinued on March 6, 2012. On October 14, 2014, the administrator named Fordonrox24 announced that the ambassador badge would be deleted and removed from all profiles. The decision was met by heavy criticism by the community.

Roblox ambassador badge is part of the ambassador program. The ambassador program was the name of the feature, allowing both free players and the members of Builders Club to earn more tickets. The program itself was released on April 22, 2009, along with the extension of 32 more character and in-game colors.

Every player had to post a Roblox link to another website. Every link would award all players 2 tickets per domain. With three active links, the Roblox ambassador badge would be given. Ever since the feature came out, hundreds of Roblox players received the Roblox ambassador badge, as well as a gift, costing 2000 Robux later on. Aside from that, a cap was also set for all players to prevent abusing the system. The max was set to 50 links in total.

To link the Roblox ambassador program, the first thing that the players needed to do is to visit the Ambassador page of Roblox. then, an HTML link was supplied which was used to be copied and pasted onto another site. Apparently, the exact code must have been pasted, otherwise it would not work. After that, submit the link with the exact off-site page. As for the link, it would have been seen before given credit.

Roblox announced that the Roblox ambassador program had ended on March 6, 2012. The Social Media Manager called Taylor Whitmer reported on the blog of Roblox, stating that the feature was only used in order to make the profit and had no usage for promotions. After two years of experimenting, they have realized that the program is not as valuable as players who come to them through word of mouth social media. The program known as the Ambassador Program became spammy, that they realized was not a benefit to the players or the other websites. They have looked at the numbers, and they simply do not have enough users to justify continuing the program. Basically, part of being a healthy company and an elegant service is removing things than adding them.

Aside from Roblox ambassador badge, there is also another thing called Builders Club badge. It was a badge that was awarded to those who had an active Builders Club membership. This one showed the Builders Club Hard Hat next to a blueprint and a set of square. For those who do not have any slightly idea, Builders Club Hard Hat is the name of the hat that was published into the catalog by Roblox on August 2, 2007. This one is a part of the Builders Club Hard Hat series and it was automatically given to the users to purchased Builders Club. Just like Roblox ambassador badge, Roblox Builders Club badge is no longer obtainable due to being succeeded by Roblox Premium.

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