How to Make a Basement in Bloxburg

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Basements is the Multiple Floors gamepass. It is a new feature of Welcome to Bloxburg that added in the 0.7.4 update. The Basement Gamepass is required to build basements. This Basements will let the player to place objects and furniture on a level below the first floor, making one extra floor.

By the way, how to make a Basement gamepass in the game of Welcome to Bloxburg? If you really want to insert a basement gamepass, so you have to go into the Build Mode option. After that, you need to open up the “Build” section. The next step that you have to do to make or insert the gamepass of Basement is to choose the “basement” tab. You have to know that placing a basement is similar to placing pool, and you are going to be able to choose how big your basement is. When you want to go down to the basement, you need to press the down arrow on the bottom right area of your screen. It is going to allow you place items, walls, etc. in your basement. For your information, the Basements cannot be coloured, and require the walls or floors to have stuff placed on them.

Here is a list of some building tips:

  • Placing the floor that looks like the grass to camouflage the hole.
  • Placing the stuff over the grass floor for making it less sketchy. For note: The advanced building placement may be required for this.
  • Putting the entrance in the house. It is very important for you to leave a hole to be able to put stairs in.
  • You may need to press the Remove Roof button for getting a clear view of the basement, but first, you need to press the down arrow on the right of your screen in the build mode.
  • You do not need walls all the time, but you need the walls to be able to hang the stuff, add windows, place doors, and have more assistance building.
  • You are able to place the basements before you place the floor on the ground above.
  • Do not place the basements over pools (once you are having the Advanced Building Gamepass), then there is a slight chance on getting glitched once you are entering a pool.

Well, the text above is an explanation for you when you decide to make or insert a Basement in Bloxburg. If you need more information regarding how to make a Basement in Welcome to Bloxburg, we suggest you to watch a video from YouTube. That video is entitled ” How To Make Basements in Bloxburg”. It was published by Bramp on February 16, 2019. Currently, that video has 171,018 views. On that video, the publisher share a way how to build or make a Basement in Bloxburg. If you want to get more information regarding how to make a Basement in Welcome to Bloxburg, just open and watch that video.

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