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You are probably someone who has never played games on Roblox. And now, you want to try to play it but it is impossible for you to download Roblox Player in your device because of some reasons. So, can we play games on Roblox without having to download it?

This kind of question is also possible to ask by people who have been using Roblox and they wonder whether they are able to play games without having to download the Roblox Player or not. Well, the answer is ‘no’. If you want to play games on Roblox, you really need to download the Roblox Player in your device. If you force to play games on Roblox without having to download it and then you click on Play button in a game, then there will always be a Roblox Launchers coming up which means that you have to download it first.

So now, we are going to show you how to install Roblox Player. The steps are very simple. The first thing that you have to do is going to the website of Roblox. After that, you have to log in. If you do not have a Roblox account yet, then you have to make it first. After you log in, you have to visit any game and then click on the green Play button. Then, a pop up window will come up which informs that Roblox is installing. If the process of installing is done, then the game will open automatically.

As explained above that if you do not have Roblox account yet, you have to make an account first by filling in a form in the front page of Roblox. There is a sign up form for you who do not have Roblox account yet. In the form, you have to fill in your birthday, username, password, choosing gender and then click on green Sign Up button. For your information, there is no limitation of age to be able to make a Roblox account.

After you sign up, you will be able to customize your profile. To customize your profile, you have to click on the Catalog and then click on Bestselling, Shirts or Pants and then buy one that you like. After you have done, and then you are able to click on Avatar and then put them on. You are able to make your own shirt or pants if you have Builders Club membership.

If you have had a Roblox account, you can also change the site settings. For instance, you are permitted to verify your email to get a free hat or if you are registering for your kids, you are able to turn on parental controls.

After you sign up to Roblox and install the Roblox Player on your device, you will be able to enjoy all of the Roblox features such as customizing your avatar, playing a lot of games in a wide variety of genres, chatting with other Roblox players, joining group, making clothes if you can, and even you are able to make your own games by using a spectacular feature on Roblox named Roblox Studio

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