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Apparently, consuming food is the only way to increase the hunger mood in the game called Welcome to Bloxburg. Each food in the game has different hunger restore and price. For those who want to know the list of the food in game along with the prices, here is the information for you.

Food in Bloxburg is divided into some category. The first one is cooking. Some of the foods include garden salad ($4), hot dogs ($5), gelatin cake ($10), fruit salad ($5), vegetable soup ($5), bacon eggs ($6), pancakes ($8), chili ($10), tacos ($12), cookies (s$13), beef stew ($15), holiday cookies ($15), hamburgers ($18), blueberry muffins ($20). Pizza ($24), spaghetti podomoro ($26), caesar salad ($28), spaghetti and meatballs ($32), porkchops ($36), chocolate cupcakes ($25), apple pie ($38), pumpkin pie ($42), lasagna ($46), birthday cake ($46), sprinkle donuts ($30), cake ($46), salmon ($48), turkey ($50), meatloaf ($52), sushi ($62), and lobster ($80).

The second one is quick meals. Some of the quick meals include apple ($3), avocado toast ($9), banana ($2), blox tart ($4), cappuccino ($4), cereal ($3), chocolate ice cream ($2), chocolate milkshake ($5), coffee ($3), espresso ($3), frozen meal ($12), fruit smoothie ($4), grape juice ($2), grapes ($2), grilled cheese ($4), hot chocolate ($4), mac and cheese ($4), milk ($1), oatmeal ($4), orange juice ($2), PB & J ($5), popcorn ($2), s’more (free), strawberry ice cream ($2), strawberry milkshake ($5), super smoothie ($5), tea ($3), toast ($3), vanilla ice cream ($2), vanilla milkshake ($5), water (free), watermelon ($5), yogurt ($4).

The third one is the food based on the locations. Some of them and their prices are apple ($2), banana ($2), Ben’s chocolate ice cream ($4), Ben’s strawberry ice cream ($4), Ben’s vanilla ice cream ($4), bloxiade ($3), bloxy cola ($2), burger ($5), cans of beans ($4), grape juice ($3), grapes ($2), mega gulp ($3), orange juice ($3), pizza slice ($6), potato chips ($2), water bottle ($2), and watermelon ($5).

This paragraph consists of the information of some of the foods mentioned before. Garden salad is the type of the meal that can be cooked. The steps to cook this food are purchasing ingredients from the fridge, cutting on the counter, and mixing on the counter. Cereal is considered as the food product that can be purchased as the quick meal from the fridge. the equipment required are fridge and counter. In order to get everything ready, first of all, you have to purchase it from the fridge and then mix it on the counter. Holiday cookies is the name of the meal that can be cooked. This one is only available during Christmas.

Aside from the foods and their prices mentioned above, there are some unavailable food for players of Bloxburg. They are divided into three. The first one is Bloxburg fresh food. The only food included is cheese. The second one is Bloxy burgers. Bloxy burgers include fries, double burgers, and deluxe burger. The third one is pizza planet. It includes vegetable pizza, cheese pizza, and ham pizza.

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