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Are you excited in cooking games? If so, choosing Bloxburg to play in Roblox is a must for you. Evidently, not only build up the house and public places, Bloxburg also offers the players to be a cook that can make some foods. Well, how to cook food in Bloxburg? If you are curious, staying on this page is a best way for you.

Cooking becomes a great skill in Bloxburg that has dozens of benefits for the players. In this game, you are allowed to make about 31 dishes. Absolutely, the food items are very inviting to be cooked. For this skill, you can upgrade this cooking skill in order to do important thing in cooking. If your skill has been upgraded and increased, definitely you can unlock the different types of food to make more options. Therefore, you can choose a variety of menu that makes your cooking activity more interesting to do.

Certainly, many Roblox players are interested in cooking game type. Evidently, the Roblox players are not adults, but also kids are joined in this game. So, it is no wonder if many kids’ players, especially girls prefer this cooking game in Bloxburg. It does not rule out the possibility that many women play this game too.

So, how to cook in Bloxburg? Definitely, there are many foods menu in Bloxburg that you can cook by doing some cooking steps. However, cooking foods in Bloxburg certainly have different steps based on the foods you want to cook. In fact, to make cake in Bloxburg is not as same as to make fruit salad. So, in this article, we will share how to cook in Bloxburg in general.

Absolutely, to cook food, you have to do some steps regularly in order to result the delicious taste and gorgeous garnish. So as cooking food in Bloxburg, you need to follow some steps well. If you miss one step, you do not hope to get a yummy and good food at all. Besides, you already have food menu to cook so that you are able to prepare it before.

Here are the steps you have to do while cooking food in Bloxburg!

Step 1: If you are at home, you must go to the kitchen. Ensure that you have chosen one menu or more to cook.

Step 2: Let go to the fridge and take the food ingredients based on the menu that you want to cook.

Step 3: On the screen, it will appear some foods menu to cook such as fruit salad, cake, hot dogs, vegetable soup, pancakes, salmon, birthday cake and many more.

Step 4: After that, you have to choose the cookware which you need to cook food. Do not forget to choose the equipment based on the menu. Certainly, there are cookware set that cannot be used in cooking some foods. In step, you can also decorate your cooking studio if you want to show your cooking skill to the others.

Step 5: If you have chosen the food ingredients and the cookware, the next step, you have to hold the food ingredients and put it on the kitchen counter by clicking the ingredients.

Step 6: This is the main things in cooking on which you can do steps by steps to make food. In this step, you just follow some instructions that appear on your screen. Step 7: After the food was cooked, you can decorate and garnish it using some accents or topping.

Step 8: Finally, the food is ready to serve. You can put the food on the table and eat it deliciously. Or you can throw away your food if you are not satisfied. Enjoy your ways!

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