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Now, you are probably like playing one of FPS games on Roblox named Strucid and you need some codes for this game. This game is based on the online game named Fortnite and it is fun to play. So, we are going to explain briefly about this game and of course we will also give you the codes of this game.

If you go to Roblox now, you are able to find this game as New Shotgun Strucid [Beta]. This game was created by Frosted Studio on September 18th, 2018 and the last update of this game when this article was being created was on July 27th, 2019. This game is able to be played by 18 maximum players. Now, it has been visited by more than 157 million times with more than 873K favorites and more than 297K likes. In this game, you have to fight friends and enemies with crazily fun building mechanics.

There are two game badges that you can get namely Early Tester and You Killed The Creator. A Number of game passes can be bought by you such as VIP for R$ 750, Boombox for R$ 350, More Exp for R$ 450, Lumberjack for R$ 450, Quest Master for R$ 350, Accessory Plus for R$ 300, and MVP for R$ 1500.

This game is a game that everyone can play. The game is a mix of Roblox’s new “Rthro” system into its characters. The game is same as Fortnite includes a building system to protect you from enemies. The shop in the game includes virtual attire like Special Offers, Accessories and cases. Exp is able to be gained by getting kills and winning matches. It is also important to know that Exp will level your Strucid account up. If you do not like an accessory, you are able to refund it for the same price. Now, the game has 3 game modes including Free For All (FFA), Team Deathmatch (TDM) and Capture The Flag (CTF). These modes are packed with non-stop fun that is able to be enjoyable for long periods of time.

How about the codes that can be redeem in this game? In Strucid game, there are a lot of codes that can give you coins or items. Here, we have a list of Strucid codes.

  • AD
  • 100M
  • Chicken
  • yeet
  • UCUYliKFkSOlldGzTITWp7lg
  • AlwaysAndForever
  • Dawg
  • OfficialCraft
  • Westdrum
  • daxxle
  • 5k
  • Joe

You need to know that not all of the codes above is active. It is because some of the codes above are expired. If you try to enter some of them and then it says “Invalid code or already redeemed”, it means that the code you enter has been used by you in the past or the code is expired.

How to redeem the code in Strucid? It is very easy. You will be able to see a “Enter Promo Code” box with green Redeem button in the right side of the screen. So, just enter the code there and then click on the Redeem button. If the code is active, it will give you some coins or items. To be updated about Strucid Codes, you are able to follow the twitter account of the creator @PhoenixSignsRBX.

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