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Have you ever tried to earn Robux in Blox.Land? This is one of websites which offer you free Robux easily. As we know that there are a lot of websites like this and the methods to earn Robux of each site like this is the same. So, it comes to our mind whether this site is true or scam? And is there discord server of this site?

Blox Land can be accessed at If you access this site, you will be able to see that you are able to earn Robux with ease. To start earning Robux here, you have to register by entering your username, email address, password and confirm password. Do not forget to give check mark on the check box which state that you are not a robot and then hit the blue Register button. But, if you have made an account here, you do not need to register. You just have to login there by entering your username and password in the Login page.

To be able to earn Robux easily in this site, you have to sign up as we explained above. Now, they claim that there are more than 161,950 users in that site. After you signed up, then you have to earn points by downloading mobile apps and watch short videos. You can also earn Robux by enter their daily giveaways and promo codes. After you collect the points, then you are able to cash out your earning directly to your Roblox account instantly through giftcards or group payout.

Is there any Discord server of this site? In the Blox Land website, there is Discord menu at the top right of the screen. However, when you try to click it, it is a list of online Discord members. There is no other links that you can click to go to the Discord server of Blox Land. Even when you click on Support or Contact menu at the top right of that page, it will go to that page again. There is no information about the name of Discord server of Blox Land.

So, it makes us wonder whether this site real or just scam. Well, as you all know that in Roblox site, Roblox team has stated that there is no Robux generators. And even if there are people, websites, videos, games or any other things outside Roblox offer you free Robux you need to be careful because it may be a scam.

Roblox confirms that if you want to earn Robux, you are able to buy it from the Robux page on Roblox site, selling items, having a membership, and get donation from group. It is not recommended for you to earn Robux through a website which claim that they can give you free Robux. It is dangerous for you because it may deceive you. Even though the way to earn Robux via legal way is a little bit difficult, but it is safe and you will be fine because you obey the rules of Roblox. So, to confirm this site is trusted or not, you can send an email to Roblox.

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