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Entry Point is known as the name of the game created by Cishshator and developed by the developer called Free Softworks. In the game, you will join the criminal organization of Halcyon and enter a world of high profile operations. You can take down banks and multi millionaires and break the allies out of prison.

A FPS game called Entry Point keeps getting better day by day. As the developer of the game, Free Softworks really did a good job on improving the game. The latest update of Entry Point is about The Lakehouse and Dedication. They all follow the events of Critical as The Freelancer is tasked with the critical target, a Phonix safehouse at the coast of Lake Huron.

The Lakehouse can be described as the fifth mission in Entry Point. This one was implemented on August 31st, 2019. This thing is the fifth story mission to be released and the fifth mission chronologically. The character named The Freelancer is tasked with infiltrating a Phoenix safehouse, disguised as the vacation house and investigating it. They discover the abandoned lab in the basement and manage to retrieve servers with information. Phoenix Operatives operate the property. Each Phoenix Operative also has a pager in stealth. It mans you have to answer the radio after knocking out of killing one. The building is a house located at the shore of Lake Huron. This one has some rooms and a bog open lobby. Around that place, there are some walkways ands trips of grass. In addition, there is a small dock at the back of the property.

This paragraph will uncover about the rewards of The Lakehouse. You are able to acquire up to 8 boxes of Phoenix Intel and escape with them in order to gain the extra money. Every operative is able to carry up to 3 boxes and they have to be holding them in order to earn the bonus. For your information, operatives get a cut of the bonus based on how many are present at the end of the mission.

Dedication is defined as the cutscene occurring that was released on August 31st, 2019. This one is the 6th cutscene to be released. This thing follows the events of The Lakehouse and takes place somewhere in the woods. In Dedication, the characters named Wren and The Freelancer are out in a forest to bury someone. They all talk about the past of Wren and Jackdaw betrayed Halcyon. When The Frelancer asks about the one being buried, Wren pulls out a UP9 and shoots The Freelancer. Then, Wren admits to The Freelancer that he knows that they are working for Phoenix. the main is about to finish The Freelancer out, when he is suddenly executed. In the end,The Freelancer passes out. Then, The Freelancer wakes up in the medical bed, and there is Jackdaw who is sitting in front of them. The Freelancer speaks some words to Jackdaw before the character is going to sleep.

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